Corporate Event Party with a DJ

DJ Cutt Entertainment recently had the honor of organizing a party for Farmers Insurance at Urban Studio in Portland’s historic Pearl District. This was a great evening and it was our pleasure to assist Farmers in making sure their corporate event came off without a hitch. In order to help other corporate event planners better organize their own events, let’s take a look at what Farmers Insurance did right and see what best practices can be learned from their example.

Picking a Corporate Event AV vendor

The first thing that Farmers Insurance did was decide to work with an AV services provider to help them plan the event. You might think that all a corporate DJ does is pick out music for your party, but in reality, they can and do assist with many aspects of a business gathering. Our first task in getting ready for the Farmers event was to sit down with their event planning team and assess what their needs were for the evening. First of all, they had an awards ceremony planned, so not only did they require audio mics for the presentation, but they needed stage lighting, a projector and screen, and a DJ for the dance party that was going to close out the night. Each of those tasks could have been completed by a different services provider, but by contacting a Corporate Event DJ, Farmers was able to save both time and money. We were able to supply them with all the AV equipment they required, help them plan their awards ceremony, and provide any troubleshooting that was needed the day of the event.

How to Create the Right Atmosphere for your Corporate Event

One thing that was very important to Farmers Insurance was creating the right atmosphere. This awards ceremony was intended to be a celebration of a successful year and a way of rewarding all of their employees. That meant they wanted a festive yet tasteful ambience. We were able to provide that with a number of appropriate sound and lighting choices. To tie the room together, we installed a back wall lit with monograms, a custom gobo with the Farmers Logo on the floor, and uplighting throughout the room, all to help set the right mood. The big focus of the night of course was the awards ceremony. They wanted it to be like the Academy Awards, so we put together a slide show presentation along with music to match. We provided microphones and speakers for the MC, as well as for the comedian they hired. We even had a camera crew on hand to record the event for prosperity.

Book your Oregon Corporate Event DJ Today

When Farmers Insurance wanted to make sure they had a memorable awards ceremony, they knew how important it was to assemble the perfect audio and visual experience. That’s why they contacted us. At DJ Cutt Entertainment, we pride ourselves on tailoring each event we attend to match the specific vision and goals of our client, all at an affordable price. With over 15 years of experience in event production, we have the expertise to craft an experience for your guests they’ll never forget. Contact us today to learn more about our AV packages and schedule an event.

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