Dancing On the Clouds

Your first dance deserves to be a dream in motion. With our Dancing On The Clouds special effect, the dancefloor becomes ethereal creating such a beautiful effect that there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

How is the dancing on the clouds created

The effect is created using a specially designed machine that heats up dry ice to a temperature where it turns from a solid into a gas. When this happens, the vapor is expelled from the machine towards the dancefloor. Because the gas is denser than the air in the room, it remains on the floor creating the effect of dancing on a cloud.
Do they make a mess?

First dance on clouds

While there are some surfaces that could be tricky, like marble, for most surfaces there will be no trace of condensation afterward. This is one of the benefits of using a dry ice fog machine over traditional fog machines. Dry ice fog machines don’t use any harmful chemical agents that will leave a residue on surfaces after use.

Are Dry Ice Fog Machines Safe?

Unlike traditional fog machines that use varying chemicals to create this effect, dry ice fog machines are a simple combination of heat and dry ice. Because dry ice is just carbon dioxide that is chilled to a solid state, it is odorless, chemical-free, and can be used at almost any indoor venue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does The First Dance On Clouds Machine Cost?

With our company, our packages start out at $350. It really just depends on where your event is located, the date of your event, and if this is an a la carte item, or this is an add on to one of our DJ or video packages.

How Long Will The Cloud Effect Last?

This really depends on a lot of different factors. The first thing is how much dry ice we need to put into the machine. We usually like to go for about 30 pounds, and on a consistent blast, this could last anywhere between two to about four or five minutes, depending on some of the other elements. It's also going to depend on how hot it is outside. Also the wind is an important factor, because this is a cloud, any kind of wind or AC will disperse the cloud more quickly. So it really depends on a bunch of different factors, but overall the effect lasts about two to five minutes for the first dance.

What Are The Venue Requirements?

For this effect, we’re going to be bringing in about anywhere from about 30 to 50 pounds of dry ice. When we get to the venue we need to be able to get water from a tap outlet. We have a hose so that we can fill up the machine. It will require about eight gallons of water to fill up the machine so the effect can last the maximum amount of time. This water doesn't get released onto to the dance floor. It just gets pumped over the dry ice so the dry ice melts and that's what creates the cloud. We also need at least one dedicated circuit that nobody else is using. If possible. We would like access to two, and that way the machine only takes about 20 minutes to heat up versus like 45 minutes to an hour and a half. And this all will depend on the temperature that the water starts at.

What Is The Set Up Time For A Dancing In The Clouds Machine?

When it comes to setting up the machine, there are a lot of different factors that will cause the time to be different. The first thing is we need to have power. If we have it plugged in to one outlet, it’s going to take about 45 minutes to about an hour and a half to heat up. If we have two different circuits, it can heat up from about 20 minutes to about 40 minutes. It also depends on the starting water temperature. When we’re at the event we'll need to have access to water so that way we can fill the machine up. This machine will take about eight gallons of water and this is what's pumped over the dry ice to create the effect.

How Long Does It Take To Clean Up A Dancing In The Clouds Machine?

Usually cleanup can be done very quickly. The only circumstances where cleanup might be a little bit longer as if we have a marble dance floor and a little bit of moisture could make that marble slick. We have mops with us and stuff to clean up but usually this is not a problem. At worst, it's just a little bit damp but it doesn't leave a mark or cause any water damage.

Can The Smoke Machine Be Used For Multiple Dances?

The quick answer is no. But it is possible depending on the time gap involved. If you want to use it for the first dance, let's say the first dance is right after the grand entrance and then you want to use it for another dance later on. There needs to be enough time in between each event for it to be used because once the effect is used, the water then has to take 20 minutes to an hour to preheat again. We also need to add more dry ice between activations. It will usually go through about 30 pounds of dry ice as the hot water is being pumped over the dry ice, melting it to create the effect.