Why You Should Hire An AV Company For Your Portland-based Corporate Event

Weddings aren’t just a celebration of your love – they’re a celebration of love itself. There’s a high likelihood that your single friends are secretly hoping they might meet someone special at your big party, and sparking that perfect moment with a photo booth is one of the best ways to ensure that. And it’s not just romantic relationships that might bud at your photo booth – tons of friends and family who haven’t met each other will finally get to bond over their new outfits, mutual interests, and love of the newlywed couple. You never know where you’ll meet your new best friend or even The One. Make your wedding the easiest place for that to happen. You might even get a shout out when the next happy couple can say they met at your wedding.

What can an AV company do?

AV professionals do more than just provide cables to connect your laptop to an unfamiliar projector (though we can do that too!). We work with clients to figure out the scope of the event, we assess the venue space, identify all equipment needs, and design a solution that will ensure all audio, video, and lighting needs are not only met, but that your event leaves an impactful impression on everyone in attendance.

This usually starts with professional level sound gear. Nothing is worse than being in a room packed full with people unable to hear the speaker because of a lack of speakers, or poor mic quality. We’ll ensure your event has top of the line audio equipment that matches the space and is suitable for the type of event. If you have a panel discussion, we’ll have mics for every speaker. If there will be a Q & A, we’ll have mics for your audience to use as well.

Projection equipment is also important, and we’ll work with you to get your presentation in the proper format and programmed ahead of time so your event manager and speakers can concentrate on the content, without having to worry about the technology.

Lighting is an often over-looked part of a corporate function. We pride ourselves on our ability to build lighting solutions that match the tone of your event and create the desired atmosphere, whether it’s a board meeting or a celebration.

Finally, a lot of corporate events need to be recorded. High quality video can help commemorate your event or allow you to reshare speeches, training seminars, and the like. We can also work with you to set up a livestream of your event so that you can connect in real time with colleagues or partners who are offsite.

An audio-visual tech person is an essential team member for any corporate event or meeting that involves sound, video, projection, or lighting. Whether your event is being held in-house or in a space you have rented for the occasion, working with an AV company offers many advantages, especially with complex events with a large audience. An experienced AV person does more than just troubleshooting, and can actually work with you to plan the event from the earliest stages, making sure that everything goes off without a hitch.

At DJ Cutt Entertainment, we’re experienced working with companies of all sizes to organize and execute training seminars, awards ceremonies, team-building vents, holiday parties, and more. We know that utilizing the right audio-visual equipment helps to drive your desired message and ensure your preferred outcomes.

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