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Cold spark rental

Looking to make a grand entrance or exit at your next event? Our cold spark fountains are just what you need! Safe and non-flammable, these machines create a spectacular show that will wow your guests. Whether you're hosting a wedding, corporate event, or private party, our team of experienced professionals will ensure that your event is one to remember.

Wedding Cold Sparks

Cold spark machines are perfect for adding a dramatic effect to your special event. Commonly used for wedding send-offs and grand entrances, these sparklers create stunning visuals that wow audiences. Cold sparks have also enhanced photo shoots, store openings, and other events needing an extra touch of magic.

Will Your Venue Allow Cold Sparks?

Our cold spark machines are non-pyrotechnic, but venues may have their own regulations. Always check with your venue before booking our services. Cities and counties might also have restrictions, so it's important to do your research.

What's Included in a Cold Spark Machine Rental?

Our rentals come with the cold spark machines and a trained, licensed operator. We'll arrive an hour before your event to set up, execute the effects, and clean up afterwards. Please note that these machines cannot be shipped for self-operation. We're based in Portland, Oregon and charge $2 per mile for travel.

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Cold Spark Rental Pricing

Our sparkler machines come in sets of two, with a minimum of four boxes for à la carte rentals. This includes a 1-hour rental time, which can be extended if needed. Extra powder may be required depending on the number of uses. For multiple locations, we charge a move and setup fee. Travel fees apply for locations more than 40 miles away.

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What are cold spark machines?

Cold spark machines are essentially compact boxes that shoot sparks in the air at about 50 degrees from anywhere between three and eight degrees into the air.

What is the cost?

The cost of cold sparks will depend on a few factors, such as how many machines you want to rent for your event, and whether this is going to be an add-on to one of our videography/DJ packages or a stand-alone rental.

Are they safe? What about indoors?

This is a very common question, and the answer is that cold sparks are non-pyrotechnic machines, meaning that they are not flammable. Because the sparks that shoot up in the air only burn at around 50 degrees, they cannot catch fire, even if you were to hold a piece of paper to it. We’ve personally tested the cold sparks machine to ensure the maximum amount of safety for our customers. Our cold sparks are very safe, but we always come prepared with fire safety equipment for peace of mind.

What are some of your safety procedures?

Although cold sparks are non-flammable, we still like to take certain steps to guarantee safety. We will make sure there aren’t any objects hanging directly over the sparks that could interfere in any kind of way. Having an open space in which to set them off is also preferable when using cold sparks. In some cases, cold sparks can leave a mark if they touch something directly, and we’d like to respect the host’s space while avoiding any kind of damage, however minor. At the end of the event, we sweep up the sand-like dusting left behind by the machines.

When are they used?

We like to use the cold sparks for the grand entrance, the end of the first dance, and the sparkler exit. This all depends on the time of day, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor event, and if the venue has certain restrictions.

How does the cleanup work?

The best part of utilizing our cold sparks rental service for your event is that we not only operate the machines but we also handle the cleanup so you don't have to. There is a sand-like dusting left behind by the machines, but we quickly and easily sweep this up and discard keeping both you, your guests, and the venue happy.

How many should we get?

On average, couples choose to use about two to four cold spark machines. We’ll typically set up two machines about ten feet apart, and then we’ll run gaffers tape along the walkway to prevent tripping hazards.

How does the setup work?

We arrive on site at least an hour before the event begins to set everything up. We take care of placement (based on how they will be used), and make sure they pose no issue in terms of obstruction or tripping hazards.

Can you do an indoor venue?

Yes absolutely! While they are perfectly safe for indoor use, we strongly recommend that you check with the venue owners to make sure their use isn't a violation of their venue policies. Additionally, certain cities have specific guidelines for the use of indoor pyrotechnics as established by the local Fire Chief, we strongly recommend checking there first to make sure the use of cold spark fountains doesn't violate any local ordinances. We always offer to perform demos with these machines before the day of the event so the client can feel comfortable once they see that cold sparks are completely harmless, indoors or out.

Do cold sparks set off fire alarms?

We’ve demoed cold sparks at countless events and have never set off a fire alarm. To the best of our knowledge, these machines are very unlikely to cause a fire alarm to go off.