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No matter what kind of event it is, our advanced lighting systems will make a statement. From simple white lights to more elaborate and colorful designs that catch people’s attention from across the room - we have you covered! With custom colors matching any wedding or special occasion's theme as well as personalized messages or monograms projected onto spotlights for an extra personal touch...our amazing lighting technology can do it all

why lighting matters

Are you looking for a way to throw an epic birthday party with all the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood event? Then look no further than DJ Cutt Entertainment. We are birthday party experts working with you to customize a party that will be the talk of the town. Let us help you customize your event by choosing the perfect music, decorations, and more. No event is too big or too small for DJ Cutt Entertainment. Whether you're turning 30, 40, 50, or even 100, we can help you throw the party of a lifetime!

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Lighting is one of the most overlooked services at a wedding. Whether this is an indoor venue or an outside location add a vineyard in Oregon. Lighting will dramatically affect the images that you get from your photographer in the atmosphere created throughout the venue. Here at DJ cut entertainment require lighting for weddings that are past sunset to create the ultimate wedding environment. We also make sure that our venues are safe when having events that go late into the evening

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Enhance your reception space


Our uplights will turn any space into a colorful oasis. We specialize in crafting lighting designs based on elegance and simplicity that will enhance your reception space. We help couples pick contrasting color schemes so everything shines brightly without competing against each other which makes every detail pop right off the screen.

Choose from different types or styles either traditional or modern—we have it all including contrasting hues so every photo taken becomes dashingly elegant like never before

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Enhance your reception space


We understand that a space is more than just light and air. It's also about creating memories with friends and family or celebrating an occasion in style. Our spotlights are the perfect fit for any event from large celebrations to smaller gatherings! Our team will work closely with you so we can come up with a custom design to fit your theme or personality

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Enhance your reception space

Intelligent Lights

Intelligent lighting can be controlled by a computer, allowing for precise management over the look and mood of your event space. With intelligent lights, we can program the lighting to change color depending on tempo or style of music; allowing us to transform your event into something truly unique! Whether subtle ambiance is required or an outright party atmosphere--we have a solution for everything

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Wall art

Monogram Lights

Gobo lighting is a form of Monogram lighting. We’ll work together to come up with a design and have it created into a template called a Gobo which is mounted into a light. Gobo's can be a set of decorative initials, the newlywed's name, or a special design reflecting off the couple’s designated area(s). Gobo materials range from standard metal to glass and come in customized colors. Patterns can be matched to an event's design(s) to provide a fully immersed look and feel of a room.

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With our company, we believe in transparency. we want our clients to get what they pay for so we set ourselves to have an high expectation. nothing like ordering an Amazon item and wish show up. Here is our gallery of photos of our recent work.