Why Your Next Event Needs A Photo Booth

You invest significant amounts of time and money in creating a wonderful event, but then it’s over. Afterwards, it might feel like much of that effort was wasted, unless you do a great job of documenting all the fun. That’s where a professional photo booth comes in. Photo booths have become a very common site at weddings of all types and sizes, but plenty of other events can benefit from having one as well. From corporate parties and trade shows to school dances and birthday parties, photo booths create instant memories that will be cherished forever, while ensuring your guests or potential customers will associate you with a successful event. Best of all, photo booths are typically much cheaper than hiring a professional event photographer, while making it easy for people to go home with plenty of pictures. Let’s take a look at what a photo booth is and why your event can benefit from having one.

What is included with a professional Photo Booth?

On first glance, you might assume that a photo booth is just simply a backdrop set up at an event with a camera in front of it. But a professional photo booth is a bit more complicated. They have their origin in the photo vending machines that allowed you to put in a few coins and get four quick snapshots with your friends.

Modern photo booths are so much more. They are a fully interactive multimedia device that combines a DSLR camera, professional lighting, a fancy backdrop, and an assortment of props, costumes, and signs. Photo booths can take many forms, but they almost always allow you to take group pics and receive digital or print versions either immediately or after the event.

At DJ Cutt Entertainment, our modern photo booths will capture beautiful photos of your guests, with an option to print on the spot or download a digital version.


Top reasons to hire a professional photo booth


There are a lot of great reasons your event can benefit from a professional photo booth. Top of the list, no matter what type of event you’re hosting, photo booths make for a great icebreaker. Weddings and similar gatherings often involve people from different sides of the family who may have never met. A photo booth is a fun talking point that makes it easier for strangers to become friends.

Photo booths also provide excellent keepsakes. Many weddings and corporate parties like to send guests home with a party favor, but typically these will end up in the trash or recycling bin within a few months. Digital images and prints, however, make a wonderful souvenir to ensure people look back fondly at your event. And for corporate events, we can add your watermark or logo to the image to reinforce your branding.

Another advancement made possible by the modern photo booth is the ability to easily share the images. You can send your favorite pics to your relatives who were unable to attend, or post directly to Instagram and Facebook.

Best of all, photo booths are just plain enjoyable. Moreover, they are appropriate for guests of all ages, so no matter what type of event you’re hosting, a photo booth will be a welcome addition. Our smile-inducing props, costumes, signs, hats, and more will only add to the fun.

Hire a professional photo booth from DJ Cutt Entertainment

If your wedding, dance, holiday party, or trade show booth wants a fun, engaging activity that will create lasting memories, a high quality photo booth from DJ Cutt Entertainment will do the trick. Our top-notch equipment is easy to use, captures high definition images, and prints quickly and easily. Best of all, we have a full time attendant who will be on hand at all times to ensure your guests don’t have to struggle with reading instructions or following a series of complicated prompts should anything go wrong.

Our photo booths are both top of the line and extremely affordable. Get in touch to book your photo booth today.

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