Why You Need Professional Lighting At Your Wedding

When picking out venues and planning your big day, one aspect of hosting an event that often gets overlooked is the lighting. Many people mistakenly assume that their venue will provide all the lighting that they need. But this is rarely the case, and I should know, because I’ve been working weddings all over Oregon and Washington for the past ten years. Ironically, it’s frequently the most expensive and upscale venues that have the worst lighting. This is because the biggest venues assume their guests will handle the lighting themselves. When you think about it, this makes sense, because couples want to create a specific mood or atmosphere that is best suited for their wedding. Of course, this requires having access to the correct professional lighting for your particular style. Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event. You want everything to be just right, including the aesthetic of the day. Lighting, when done correctly, is one of the best ways to quickly and easily establish the tone that you want, and create the right mood for your guests. So in today’s blog post, we’ll take a look at the various professional lighting options and how they can make your wedding venue really pop.

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Up Lighting

One of the most common ways to transform an event venue is with up-lighting. These are lights that are positioned around the edges of a room, hall, dance floor, or tent that are pointed up against a wall, pillar, or other vertical surface, in order to add texture and flavor to the space. If you look around when you are out, at restaurants, malls, movie theaters, and even sporting events, you’ll start to notice up-lighting everywhere. 

Up-lighting is so popular because of the elegant manner in which it can establish the mood of a space. In addition to simply providing extra ambience without resorting to the overhead fluorescent lights, it adds lines and depth to the room, while helping to set the tone for your wedding. It’s also very useful for tying in the color theme. 

Speaking of color, another benefit of up-lighting is that it’s possible to adjust the colors throughout the night. For instance, the lights might start off during the dinner as one color, and then change for the first dance, the toasts, and the cake cutting. When the up-lighting is remotely controlled, the options become nearly limitless..

Spot Lighting

While up-lighting is great for setting the mood, a spot light is how you draw the attention of your guests to one particular location.  For weddings in which the ceremony and reception will be happening at the same venue, a portable spotlight can ensure that all your major moments, from the reciting of the vows, to the toasts will be adequately lit. When it’s time for the first dances, a spotlight will be invaluable as well.

Another reason for including a spotlight is that better lighting results in better images. Yes, your professional photographer will have a flash, but you definitely don’t want a flash going off during the ceremony. Plus, your photographer of choice won’t be the only one taking photos. Most of your guests will have their cell phones out throughout the evening taking pics, and proper spotlighting will make it much easier for everyone to get memorable photos they can take home with them. And this is doubly true for your videographer.

Event Lighting

Monogram Lighting

A monogram light, also known as a gobo light, is a type of template that is added over a light that creates the effect of a logo, emblem, initials, icon, or other shape to be cast onto a wall, floor, or ceiling. It’s almost like having your own personal shadow puppet maker. Having a monogram light at your wedding allows you to add a personal flourish to the venue that is 100% unique to your wedding. 

A monogram light basically allows the bride and groom to brand their wedding exactly how they see fit. For many couples, it’s as simple as putting their names on the wall or floor. 

But it’s really completely up to your imagination, and is an outstanding way to create something memorable for your space that will be seen in your wedding photos and videos and remembered by your guests.  

Outdoor Lighting

While indoor weddings usually need some extra lighting, an outdoor wedding that is going to run close to or after sunset will 100% need professional lighting. Depending on your location set up, some of the above lighting options may work just as well. For example, up-lighting is a great way to create an elegant atmosphere inside a tent or barn. But in many cases, the lighting scenarios outside are completely unique, from figuring out where to get power to how to light a large space under an open sky.

Before booking lights and sound equipment from an event vendor, make sure that they have the right gear for your space. Providing AV equipment for a sunset beach wedding is completely different from an early morning church affair. In particular, if you’re hosting an outdoor reception, whether it’s at the foot of Mt. Hood or in your own backyard, make sure they have a power solution, preferably battery-powered LED lights that will work anywhere.

Event Lighting

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