What Your Company Needs To Know About Corporate Audio Visual Services In Portland?

What are the most important checklist items that you need to be aware of before hiring an audio visual services company for your corporate event in Portland, Oregon? When selecting a media production partner, it’s necessary to find an expert in event production and media content who works with the latest equipment in venues of all sizes. You can rest assured that at DJ Cutt Entertainment, our dedicated and experienced team will make the success of your event its top priority. Here’s an overview of the most important considerations you need to take into account before settling on an AV company.

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Shop Around For Third-Party AV Providers

Many companies will look no further than the in-house AV specialist at the venue where the event will be held. While this may be desirable because it’s one less thing you need to worry about, the first thing you should be aware of is you’ll often be paying a stiff premium for this convenience.


Because they know many of their customers will not want to or even know they have the option of hiring an outsider vendor, venues get to charge whatever they can get away with. One of the best ways to save money on your event is to hire someone else to manage your audio visual needs.


The best part is that you’ll likely find someone with more advanced gear and more flexibility to meet the needs of your event. Plus, in large venues, on site personnel may have multiple events they are responsible for at one time, while anyone you hire separately will be entirely at your disposal.


Before booking a venue, always ask what kind of support they provide in terms of staff and equipment, and make sure to find out if bringing in outside help is an option.

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Get The Equipment That You Need

Speaking of gear, you should have an idea of what your event needs before you start looking into vendors. For instance, if you’re going to be live streaming an event, that’s something you’ll want to confirm your vendor can do before hiring them. Otherwise you might end up having to hire someone else or renting specialized gear to make up for what your chosen partner lacks.


A good audio-visual provider with experience running corporate events should offer multiple packages with the flexibility to meet the specific needs of your function. Even if you aren’t technically savvy, you should at least be prepared to answer questions regarding what kind of lighting, sound, and recording needs you have.


Moreover, it’s best to ask whether the event manager has prior experience handling the type of gear that you need. Remember, just having the equipment isn’t very useful if no one knows how it works.

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Ask About Hidden Fees

It goes without saying that the advertised price of a lighting, sound, or other AV package may not be the final price. Many companies will have undisclosed upcharges that you won’t find out about unless you read the fine print.


One item you should pay special attention to is what happens if an event runs long. Not knowing beforehand what the overtime charge might be could leave you paying a lot more than you expected.


Another service you should ask about before signing the contract is who’s responsible for providing graphics and video elements. Sometimes a company might include design assets that you don’t even want or need, but you’ll end up paying for them if you don’t check carefully what is and isn’t included.


Of course, extra services aren’t always a bad thing. You may find that your AV vendor can provide other options at a cheaper rate than going with another provider. For example, at DJ Cutt Entertainment we offer great deals on photo booths, video packages, and Gobo lighting for Portland event clients who have already purchased one of our AV packages.

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Can a vendor provide custom services?

Many AV providers only offer a few standard packages. Each one will probably include a standard amount of gear for a set number of hours, with an hourly rate for events that exceed the limit. But what if you need something that’s more specialized?


Sometimes bigger companies, especially ones located outside of Oregon, don’t have the flexibility to meet highly customized demands. You should always ask about tailored packages that meet your needs. If a vendor is unwilling or incapable of adapting, it’s probably a red flag.


Your Oregon event is unique, and you need an AV Services provider who’s got the experience and expertise to prepare and execute your agenda without fail. DJ Cutt Entertainment is a premium Audio Visual company you can rely on.


Contact us today to get a quote and ask any questions.

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