What makes a great Wedding DJ

Have you ever wondered what makes a great wedding DJ? There are so many things to consider when hiring a professional DJ and Entertainer you got music coordination somebody that’s dependable punctual will play your music follow directions and get along with othersHere are 10 things that everyone should know to make sure your wedding as the perfect DJ.

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1.You want your DJ to be a good wedding MC

Obviously, the music is important. But what separates a true professional from someone with a lot of good dance songs on their iPod is how good they are on the mic.

Weddings logistics can be very stressful, and the last thing you want to worry about on your big day is making sure everything runs smoothly. That’s why you hire a wedding planner. But while you’re planner is probably great behind the scenes, having a professional DJ who’s able to convey all the important information to your guests in a clear and compelling manner really helps to lessen the burden on everyone else.

2. A great DJ listens!

A professional wedding DJ will closely listen to your instructions and make sure they understands your EVERY wish. Great DJs know this is the biggest day of your life, and that you’re trusting them with ensuring everything runs smoothly. You want someone who takes the responsibility seriously.

Before you hire a DJ, make sure you communicate your needs and expectations clearly. You’ll know you have the right person based on the questions they ask in response. At the end of the day, you want to know your DJ will ALWAYS put the needs of the couple first.

3. Great DJs Play the music you request, AND read the crowd.

This is the ultimate goal of a great DJ. Nothing ruins a reception more than a DJ who insists on playing the music they like, instead of what the bride and groom requested. At the same time, a next-level DJ will be able to read the crowd and play the perfect song at just the right time. Just as important is having a DJ that knows how to read a crowd and play to that crowd.

At DJ Cutt Entertainment, we make it easy for our customers to create custom-designed playlists before the wedding, and even make it possible for your guests to contribute beforehand. We always take requests during the reception as well. Our goal is to make sure everyone goes home having had a great time.

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4. Great DJs coordinate ahead of time with the venue!

Before you hire a DJ, a good question to ask is whether they have done a previous event at your venue. If not, find out if they are willing to do a walk through beforehand.

At DJ Cutt Entertainment, we’ll always contact the venue prior to your wedding day to ensure that all the logistics are taken care of. We’ll confirm when the doors open, where to park, how to unload equipment, special venue rules and guidelines, and any special AV needs we should be aware of.

5. Great DJs will coordinate with your other wedding vendors!

The best DJs will go out of their way to coordinate with other relevant parties involved in your wedding. This might include the venue staff, your wedding photographer and/or videographer, wedding planner and more. This is essential to make sure that your entire event goes smoothly. A professional DJ will lock down all the logistics before the event, not during it.

To make the whole process even easier, you can contract a DJ who does more than just DJing. For example, at DJ Cutt Entertainment, we also provide full AV setup, lighting, videography, photo booths, and more.

6. Great DJs dress professionally

Check out the pictures on the DJs website before hiring. How are they dressed? A professional DJ will look the part, not stand out like a sore thumb. Check with your DJ before you sign the contract to see how they dress and to let them know what your personal expectations are.

7. Great DJs have professional equipment

A lot of DJs will invest most of their money in their music mixer and perhaps a speaker or two. But there’s a lot more gear needed for a large wedding, and you want to make sure you go with a DJ who has the latest tech.

Sound and lighting are both equally important. This includes multi-functional speakers and wireless microphones for the ceremony and reception. Lighting might include spotlights, uplighting, LEDs, and more.

8. Great DJs have backups of everything

And I mean everything. A DJ could have the best gear in the world, but it all falls apart if one cable malfunctions and they don’t have a back up. A professional knows that anything can go wrong at any time, and they are prepared for the worst. That means have a backup for every single piece of gear so there are no surprises during your event. They may do 50 or more events a year, but you only get one chance at your big day.

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