Wedding At Castaway in Portland, Oregon

Do you have a wedding coming up and are wondering what you’ll need in terms of lighting, sound, and microphones to ensure it is a success? Having the right audio-visual person is essential and we’ve created a brief video from Castaway in Portland, Oregon that looks at all the gear we use when building out a wedding ceremony and reception. You might be surprised by all the gear we bring, but you can’t argue with the results. Having the right lighting and audio helps to create the perfect mood and tone for your big day, and that’s why hiring a professional is so important.

Castaway is a great place to hold an Oregon wedding

Situated in the Pearl District overlooking the Willamette River, the Castaway is built in a 1929 warehouse that was used to manufacture yellow rope used Portland’s original street car. After a complete renovation, it reopened as one of Oregon’s premier event spaces, and makes the perfect location for your wedding.

But even when you have an awesome space like the Castaway, there’s still a lot of work that goes into making it look just right on your wedding day (or night). Lighting a space that can fit hundreds of people is a challenge, one that becomes even more difficult when you’re trying to match your particular style. The same goes for ensuring that everyone can hear.

A good wedding AV person or DJ will have professional gear that can fit any situation, and they always bring extra cables, speakers, and lights so they are prepared for anything. Check out the venue for yourself

Don’t rely on your venue for lighting and sound solutions

After you’ve booked your venue, you’ll need to start planning for your ceremony and/or reception. Many places will offer lighting and audio packages, but rarely are these adequate for your needs. Not only do they typically provide subpar options, they often tend to be more expensive than getting comparable equipment through a third party vendor.

At DJ Cutt Entertainment, we have the expertise to elegantly and professionally light your wedding. We can design a spotlighting and uplighting scenario that perfectly matches the desired atmosphere. At the same time, our professional sound gear ensures that everyone in the space will hear your toasts and announcements, and that the music won’t be too soft or too loud.

We always bring extra gear with plenty of backups, so if we run into an unusual lighting or sound challenge, we’ll be able to quickly find a solution. And if a piece of gear malfunctions, we’re ready to replace it immediately.

We also pay special attention to safety. We do our best to set up out of the way of your guests, lock everything down so there aren’t any tripping or falling accidents, and do our best to keep speakers, lights, and cables out of your way.

The proper lighting and sound will make your photos and video pop

No one wants to dance on a brightly lit dance floor. But in lowlight situations, it can be challenging to get good pictures and video. Fortunately, with a professional lighting set up, we can create a perfectly lit reception area that will create just the right mood for your wedding while ensuring that your photographer and videographer have enough light to work with.

At DJ Cutt Entertainment, we can answer all of your AV questions, whether you will have 20 people or 200 at your wedding. Contact us today to learn more

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Wedding At Castaway in Portland, Oregon
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