Top Tips For Choosing a Wedding DJ

Are you looking for tips and tricks for getting the most out of your wedding DJ? There are many things to consider when picking a DJ for your wedding. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event so picking out the right entertainment is a crucial task for the success of your big day. Here are some tips that we’ve put together that will help you pick out the right DJ for your wedding. We are a local DJ company in Portland, Oregon and we’ve been rated on WeddingWire as the best DJ in Portland. As leaders in the industry, here are some things that we focus on to put our clients at ease.

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Hiring process

So the first step in the process of hiring DJ Cutt Entertainment for your special event is to go on our website and book a meeting with us via calendly. From here we will set up a phone call or video chat to discuss your vision of your special day. We will go over the details for the ceremony and the reception and how you see all the events flowing together. After our phone call or video chat is over we will put together a proposal that will outline all the details that we discussed. This can include a DJ package, a photobooth package and/or videography. Many of our packages will include a custom speaker setup and lighting package. When this proposal is sent to your email it will have a link where you can sign the contract and view all the planning forms, including an invoice of everything that you will be billed for. About 30 days out from your wedding we will go over the final details and what you can expect from us on the day of your wedding. We will show up two to three hours beforehand to make sure that our setup is completed and we have everything that we need to execute your event successfully.


Whether it’s phone calls, emails, in-person meetings or video chats, communication is critical at every stage of the planning process. There are so many important details that need to be discussed and properly communicated to make sure that your experience with your DJ is what you expect. There are countless hours put into planning a proper wedding, and some of the smallest details, if missed, can ruin the whole day. That’s why having proper communication and planning forms is key to a successful event. When we plan weddings here in Oregon we always explain that there are different things that go on throughout the day that we need to be flexible on and willing to change at a moment’s notice especially with the weather during an outdoor weddings. To help with the planning process we have online planning forms that help you communicate all your wants and needs.

Being flexible

As being one of the top wedding DJ companies in Oregon, our clients can rely on us to be very flexible. But there are times where we need to take a more professional planning role to make sure that your event runs successfully. With our experience over the last 10 years planning and executing weddings, there are certain things that we need to make professional decisions on to make sure that you have the best experience possible. We try to be as flexible as possible, but our end goal is to make sure that your wedding is successful.

How Many DJs?

At DJ Cutt Entertainment we have a number of DJ’s on our staff. We always keep one extra DJ available in case anything happens so your event is never without a DJ. We’ve never had to cancel a wedding or have a no-show because of this business model. Not only do we have multiple DJs on our team, but we have photo booth operators and we also run a videography company.

Are You Insured?

Our company is insured within the state of Oregon. Some venues require to see our insurance. When you get your online planning forms, a copy of our insurance will be submitted to you so you can view it and send it to your venue at your convenience. With our online planning forms everything is transparent and your able to look at the contract, the insurance form, as well as your invoice at any time. Along with being insured throughout the State of Oregon, we also have a no drinking policy with anyone that works with our company. This ensures you have a professional DJ experience with our company here in Portland, Oregon.

Do you DJ full-time?

We are a full-time wedding company that works out of Bend and Portland, Oregon, Vancouver, Washington, and the Oregon Coast. We have been in the professional entertainment business for over 15 years. Not only do we DJ weddings but we also handle corporate events, along with DJing in LA and Las Vegas. This keeps us up-to-date on all the current music to make sure that we can bring the latest wedding trends of 2020 to your event.

DJ and Photo Booth

Outside of DJing, we also offer photo booth services. Our customers really enjoy these packages because they can get multiple services from one vendor. One of the biggest parts of weddings is vendor communication. The DJ has the most communication between the vendors. When you get multiple services through DJ Cutt Entertainment it alleviates some of the stress and ensures that most of your vendors will get along with each other. There are many aspects of a photo booth and DJing that overlap so having a company that does multiple service is beneficial for our company as well as our clients.

Do you specialize in weddings?

The main industry that we provide services for is weddings, but we also do corporate events. Are main focus has been wedding venues and celebrations for the past 15 years. Weddings can be very tricky and requires a great deal of attention to detail to execute the job as a professional. We do over a hundred weddings a year between all of our DJs so this keeps us up to date with everything trending in the wedding space. Not only that, but we are always upgrading our equipment to try to stay current with the latest trends in professional gear.

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Do you have a preferred style?

In our wedding consultation meetings, we’ll go over the music details of what all you’re looking for but the main thing that we like to cover is what style of MC and DJ you are looking for. Our approach to weddings is to be a fly on the wall and only interject ourselves as needed to make sure everything flows smoothly. Your wedding day is all about you guys and we want you to be the star of the show. We are a professional service that makes sure that the bride and groom shine on their wedding day without a hiccup. When our clients hire us they read our five star reviews and they’re expecting that kind of service and that is what we always strive to deliver on your event day.

What do you typically wear?

Depending on the weather that day we will usually show up in what are called corporate blacks. These are clothes that we wear to set everything up. Thirty minutes before all your guests arrive, we will change into a suit or tux. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small backyard wedding or a large corporate gathering, our dress code does not change depending on the size of the event.

Packed Dance Floor

To be considered the best DJ company in Oregon, one of the things that we live by is being able to create a great dance party. We are known for great icebreakers to get people dancing right away. A successful wedding needs to have a successful dance party, and unless you get that icebreaker out of the way it will take a long time to build people’s courage to get on the dance floor.

Of course a little bit of alcohol helps but if you don’t have a strong MC and a DJ that has a great music selection this can be a difficult task. It’s always good to read our five star reviews on WeddingWire. You’ll see that our past clients have explained how good we are when it comes to the dance party and making sure people of all ages have a great time.

Be sure to check out our YouTube channel (link here) to see highlights of past weddings.

How do you handle song requests?

Once you guys have signed on, we will send you some forms that will help you with the planning process. One of these forms is a music request list. It allows you to pick out music for your ceremony, your reception, and the dance party. When it comes to picking out music for your dance party, you can even link a Spotify list or type in up to 25 songs that we will play if possible during the dance party.

When guests come up and they have a song request, we always try our best to have it in our library. If the song is questionable we will send the guest up to the bride and groom for their approval. Our policy is to play edited music that is high energy and is a great to sing along to.

Venue and site walks

There are many times that we do video calls with our client before actually meeting them in person. Some of our clients are as far away as Los Angeles, New York, Texas, or Florida. There are also many clients that we don’t meet until their wedding day. It is really important for us to do a venue walk or a site walk through before the day of your wedding, especially if we haven’t worked at your venue before.

We like to wait about 60 to 30 days before your wedding and then we’ll perform a site walkthrough. We like to get a good idea of the layout for the day of your wedding. We’ll go over all the logistics that we need as far as power and lay out to make sure that your wedding is as successful as you dream about.

Video and Testimonials

DJ Cutt Entertainment also has a sister company called Portland Event Films. At most of our weddings, we bring along our video team to get a behind-the-scenes look at how we perform. This gives our clients a good understanding of what to expect on their wedding day.

I suggest to all my potential clients that before hiring us they go take a look at our YouTube channel and website so they can get a good representation of what kind of services they can expect.

DJ Cutt Entertainment is one of the top DJ companies in Portland, Oregon. We have a high standard that we set for ourselves to make sure that we maintain a professional brand. We suggest our clients go read our Google reviews, and our reviews on WeddingWire and The Knot. This will give you a better understanding of what kind of service and professionalism that we bring to the table and we hope that you will choose us to DJ your wedding or special event.

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