Things To Consider Before Renting A Photo Booth

One of the hottest new trends in wedding entertainment is a professional photo booth. But before you run out and rent a photo booth, let’s take a look at some of the things you need to consider so that you can ensure you hire the right photo booth company for your needs.

Photo Booth Form Factor


The first decision you’ll need to make is what type of photobooth you want for your event. The traditional photo booth is an actual booth.You’d see these at arcades and roller rinks and bowling alleys back in the day,and you’d slip quarters into the photo booth and cram two or three friends inside for four quick snapshots. These are great, but the size and bulk of these traditional booths make them an unlikely choice for modern events.


Instead, weddings and other events are turning to the open-air photo booth. They come with a camera or photo kiosk, lights, as wellas a photo backdrop, but you no longer get inside of an actual booth. This means they can be located in any corner of your event space. A lot of companies are even using them at trade shows and conferences to attract attendees to their displays. For most weddings today, you’ll want an open-air photo booth.


Photo Booth Size


When deciding on what photo booth to rent, you’ll want to pay close attention to the size. Will it fit into the space you have earmarkedat your wedding venue? On the rental page of the vendor you are considering,they should have all of the dimensions of the photo booth set up. The two you’ll want to pay closest attention to are the height and width of the backdrop, and the recommended distance between the backdrop and the camera.This will make it clear how much space you need to set aside at your venue, and whether this particular photo booth will fit.

Photo Booth Ease Of Use


Before clicking confirm on a photo booth rental, you want to know how easy it is to set up and use. I’ve seen photo booth set ups that are extremely complicated, from a backdrop that requires two pages of directions putup to cameras that are hard to operate and stop working frequently. If you’re going to be renting a DIY photo booth, you will need to be sure that it’s a setup you can manage, or that you have a very tech savvy person on hand who can bein charge.


Photo Booth Camera Operator


Alternatively, some photo booths come with a camera operator to oversee the whole set up for you. At DJ Cutt Entertainment, all of our photo booth come with a full time attendant, so the set up, oversight, and take downare all handled on your behalf. This also means that if a battery dies, orthere is a software malfunction, we can quickly get it up and running again.Your guests will just need to line up, grab some props, and smile. It couldn’tbe easier!


Photo Booth On Site Printing


Another option for photo booth rentals is on site prints.You’ll definitely want to check on whether printing is an option, and ifthere’s an additional cost involved. Some photo booth rentals have no printingoption, or if they do, the quality is poor. Others will have fast laser printing, but charge your guests a fee for each one. Our Gold and Platinum photo booth packages include unlimited 2x6 prints!

Photo Booth Digital Downloads


Another option, for guests who don’t want prints, is to download their photos after the event. This makes it easy to get a digitalversion to their phone or computer. Some photo booths even have the option toemail you a digital copy immediately. If these are options you are interested in, make sure to ask before hand.


Power Outlets


Many times people have what they think is the perfect location picked out for their photo booth, only to discover on the day of their wedding that there aren’t any power outlets nearby. Before renting a photobooth, make sure to inquire about its power needs. Is everything batterypowered, or does it need to have an outlet, or multiple outlets, nearby. If youhave an outdoor wedding or event, then it’s even more important that you askabout power options before hand.


Photo Booth Prop Selection


One of the most fun aspects of a professional photo booth isthe assortment of props that come with it. Many rental companies offer different prop packages, based around different styles, so make sure to get a stylethat matches your event. And if your wedding or company party has a particular theme(ex: Nautical or Hollywood), then you might want to purchase a proppackage from Amazon so your pictures will match the festivities.


Get A Professional Wedding Photo Booth From DJ Cutt Entertainment


Photo booths are an amazing addition for your wedding,birthday party, school dance, or corporate event. Because our photo booth are completely portable, easy to set up, and are hassle free to operate, you’llhave a fun yet affordable way to create lasting memories of your special day. Get-in touch today to learn more about our photo booth rental packages and secureyour event date.

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