The Best Props For A Wedding Photo Booth In 2021

Photo booths have become a must-have entertainment at weddings and gatherings of all kinds. And for good reason. Not only do photo booths offer guests a fun and inventive way to create fun moments at your wedding reception, but they also leave lasting and unforgettable photographs for both you and your guests. At DJ Cutt Entertainment, we get a lot of questions about what kinds of props and costumes make for the best photo booth photos, and so we’ve compiled a list to help you assemble a great photo booth at your reception. All of these items are easy to find, either lying around your house or for cheap on Amazon. You won’t need to break your budget to put together a fun photo booth for your wedding.


This one is a must have item for wedding photo booths. Many couples will order custom sunglasses for their reception to give away as party favors. Another option is to get a couple pairs of oversized glasses for the booth.


No photo booth would be complete with out hats. Lots of hats. A few can’t miss options include top hats, pirate hats, cowboy hats, bowler hats, sailor hats, etc. On a related note, don’t limit yourself in your choice of headgear. Tiaras, bunny ears, cat ears, headbands and pretty much anything you can think of to put on your head works.


Wait, did we forget to mention wigs? Hats and wigs go together at photo booths like peanut butter and chocolate. You’ll want a wide variety of wigs so that everyone in a group can pick one out that suits their personality. Search for party wigs on Amazon, and you’ll find plenty of options (


If the glasses, hats, and wigs aren’t enough of a disguise, why not go for a full on facemask? Whether it’s the classic opera glasses, a tasteful Zorro mask, or a hockey or catcher’s mask, you’ll have fun trying to figure out who’s who as you sort through all the photos.


Not much needs to be said about this one. If you’re photo booth doesn’t have plenty of boas, you’re doing your guests a disservice.

Face Photo Sticks

Every photo booth needs a good backdrop, preferably in a color that matches your wedding’s color scheme. Again, Amazon has plenty of options for you to choose from ( Pro Tip: Make sure to get one of the bigger backdrops, because you’ll likely have large groups wanting to get photos together.

Photo Booth Prop Packages

If you’re feeling particularly challenged coming up with good props, Amazon ( has hundred of prop packages for sale, with pretty much any theme you can imagine. You can get packages that match the color scheme of your wedding. If you’re ceremony is taking place near a holiday, they have holiday themed packages. Photo booths are a great way to add flair to your wedding reception, and they will be enjoyed by guests of all ages. If you need help putting together a photo booth for your wedding, DJ Cutt Entertainment can help. We have everything you need for an unforgettable photo booth during your reception. Contact us today to learn more.

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You invest significant amounts of time and money in creating a wonderful event, but then it’s over. Afterwards, it might feel like much of that effort was wasted, unless you do a great job of documenting all the fun. That’s where a professional photo booth comes in. Photo booths have become a very common site at weddings of all types and sizes, but plenty of other events can benefit from having one as well. From corporate parties and trade shows to school dances and birthday parties, photo booths create instant memories that will be cherished forever, while ensuring your guests or potential customers will associate you with a successful event. Best of all, photo booths are typically much cheaper than hiring a professional event photographer, while making it easy for people to go home with plenty of pictures. Let’s take a look at what a photo booth is and why your event can benefit from having one.