The Aerie at Eagle Landing Wedding Speaker Set-up

A lot of planning goes into your wedding, but it’s always the things you overlook that end up having the most impact. One of those things that people forget or just plain don’t think matter is sound. Unfortunately, an adequate sound system is one of the most important ingredients to ensure that your wedding is memorable (in the right way) for all of your guests. While setting up a speaker system that will ensure good sound quality for everyone at your ceremony, even those in the back, is not rocket science, it does require some expertise. That’s why working with an experienced sound professional makes a lot of sense. In the above video, we look at one particular speaker set up for a recent Oregon wedding. And while every wedding venue is different, there are certain guidelines that will apply no matter where your special day takes place.

Alto Stealth Wireless UHF System

The first rule of wedding sound is that every location has its own unique requirements that must be planned for. If you’re working with an AV person who only has one type of gear, while it may be well suited for a traditional ceremony in a church, it likely won’t also be appropriate for a beach ceremony.

Likewise, you’ll probably need sound set ups for at least two locations on your big day, one for the ceremony and one for the reception. Even if you are holding both in the same venue, they often will be held in very different rooms or sections of the grounds, not to mention you likely don’t want to wait while your AV person hauls all of his/her gear from one place to the other. Working with someone who has the ability to set up in more than one location at once will ensure a seamless transition from ceremony to reception. Buy Here

Wireless is the way to go

The last thing you want to worry about when giving toasts is passing a mic on the end of a long cord from person to person, or forcing everyone to come up to one particular location to make an announcement or speech. In fact, the logistics can get so complicated that most people would just rather not use a microphone at all. Unfortunately, that will make it difficult for anyone who isn’t front and center to hear what is being said, not to mention if you have older relatives who might not have full hearing any more.

That’s why a wireless microphone set up is essential. As shown in the Aerie video, with a wireless system like the Alto, you can easily pass the microphone from person to person, allowing much greater freedom of movement. Even better, you can have multiple mics, meaning that the next person to speak will already have a mic and not have to wait for an exchange between toasts or speeches.

Finally, having a wireless lav is a great way to ensure that your vows are heard by everyone in your audience. We find that it’s often only necessary to place a lav on the groom, as it will be able to pick up the bride’s voice as well. This will avoid having to run a lav system on the back of the bride’s dress.

Surround sound provides a pleasant experience for everyone

One of the most frequent complaints at a wedding (besides the food) is that the sound was either too loud or too soft. This will often happen at the same ceremony with a bad sound set up, because the people close to the speakers will think it was too loud, while those in the back will struggle to hear at all.

A proper sound system will use multiple speakers in multiple spots around the room (or outdoor area). This will ensure nice even sound coverage no matter where someone is seated.

DJ Cutt Entertainment knows sound

At DJ Cutt Entertainment, we use only professional gear and strive to always have the right equipment for the right scenario, while remaining committed to offering affordable prices. Contact us today to learn more.

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