The 10 Best Wedding Food Trucks In Portland

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task, but finding the right caterer doesn’t have to be one of the challenges. With so many food trucks available in Portland, there’s sure to be one that’s perfect for your wedding. From Middle Eastern to Polynesian, there’s a food truck to suit every taste. And with prices starting at just $5 per person, there’s an affordable option for your big day. Portland, Oregon is known as one of the food capitals of the United States, and that definitely extends to the extensive and creatively themed food trucks that call Portland home. To help you make your decision, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best wedding food trucks in Portland. So whether you’re looking for a casual reception or a formal sit-down meal, there’s definitely a food truck that will make your wedding one to remember. And if you're looking for a DJ, videographer, and/or AV equipment provider for your wedding, please consider DJ Cutt Entertainment.

Koi Fusion

Koi Fusion began as a single taco truck in 2009, inspired by Chef Bo Kwon’s love of Korean cuisine. Their menu includes a delicious combination of barbecued meats with grilled tortillas and fresh vegetables and herbs. They also offer a range of fusion mashups that will be huge hit at your wedding, including tacos, burritos, kimchi quesadillas, and k’sliders. Their seasonal chef specials also include Korean fried chicken, K-dogs, and spicy Korean fries, so ask what options will be available on your planned date.

La Arepa

The popular La Arepa specializes in traditional Venezuelan Street Food. Their authentic cuisine offers original flavors and recipes that will thrill your wedding guests and give them something delicious to remember. Their offerings include Reina Pepiada, Perico, and Pabellon Arepa. They offer vegan options as well, so you can be sure all your guests will be satisfied. 

808 Grinds

Want a bit of island flavor? Then you should consider 808 Grinds for your Oregon wedding. This food cart favorite features authentic Hawaiian flavor that everyone will love. Whether you want an entire roast pig, or a variety of chicken, beef, and salmon options, 808 Grinds will turn your wedding reception into a genuine Hawaii luau. They also off third, half, and full size pans, to make it easy to customize the menu specifically for your needs.  


You likely already know this Portland gem, as it’s on our top ten list of wedding food trucks for a reason. Their eclectic and hard to categorize menu includes oysters, street corn, peperonota, wild mushroom salad, and salmon sandwiches, and will add a touch of class to your wedding or other event in a way that most other food cart options can’t. And you can work with their friendly team to craft a menu that’s just right for your guests. 

Mo’s Food Truck

You might know Mo’s from one of their many Oregon locations, including Lincoln City, Florence, Seaside, and more. If your wedding is taking place anywhere on the coast, or you want to bring a coastal flavor to your inland wedding, then Mo’s Food Truck might be the perfect solution. Best known for their chowders, Mo’s offers a variety of seafood options that your guests will love. 

The Tap Trailer

Food trucks are easy to come by in Oregon, but good beverage trucks are a different story. That’s why The Tap Trailer is perfect for couples that care equally as much about the drinks as the eats. Based on the Oregon Coast in Newport, they can bring kegs, wine cases, beers, ciders, and signature cocktails to your outdoor reception. And if all you need are the drinks, and want to serve yourselves, they can handle that too. 

Sloshy Pops

If your Portland wedding is planned for the dog days of summer, you might want to skip the cake in favor of popsicles. That's because the sloshy in Sloshy Pops refers to alcohol, as their pops are seriously intoxicating. With flavor combinations including strawberry and mezcal, cherry and bourbon, or raspberry and pinot noir, your guests will love the cool refreshing flavor and the added kick. Best of all, non-drinkers and minors won't be left out. Sloshy Pops puts equal care into its non-alcoholic offerings, such as Oregon berry swirl and orange Dreamsicle. 

Pip’s Mobile Doughnut Van

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that Portlanders love their doughnuts. That’s why Pip’s Mobile Doughnut Van books out so far in advance. Their van is not only cute, but it is known for its quiet generator, making it perfect for weddings. If you know you’re wedding can’t be without world-class doughnuts AND home-made chai, then this is the food truck for you. Even better, they also serve Extracto Roasters Coffee. 

Los 3 Jarritos

Picking out the right food for your wedding can be tough. Finding an option that’s going to please everyone might even seem like a hopeless endeavor. You can’t please everyone, right? Well that might be true most of the time, but there’s one guarantee: Everyone loves Mexican food. That’s why Los 3 Jarritos is as close to a can’t miss for your wedding food truck as you can get. With tacos, burritos, and nachos, as well as plenty of veggie and vegan options, you won’t regret going with this food truck.

The Side Yard PDX

Looking for something a little different for your wedding? The Side Yard is not a food truck, but a small urban farm nestled in the middle of the Cully neighborhood in Northeast Portland. They offer unique seed-to-plate catering for weddings and other events, featuring organically grown veggies grown right in your neighborhood (if you’re in the Cully neighborhood). They also have the flexibility to customize their menu for your specific needs.

DJ Cutt Entertainment is the perfect side dish for your wedding reception

The food is important, but it’s just one ingredient in the perfect wedding. We offer amazing packages that will ensure your wedding is the success you’ve always dreamed of, including music, lights, video, smoke machines, microphones, LED’s, and more. 

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