Should you hire a photo booth for your wedding? Pros, Cons and Everything In Between

A photo booth can be a great addition to your wedding day – but is it worth the cost? Here, we explore the pros and cons of hiring a photo booth for your big day. From guest interactivity to unique photos, there are plenty of reasons to say “cheese” to this fun wedding trend. But before you make your decision, be sure to weigh all the factors involved. From price to logistics, here’s everything you need to know about renting a photo booth for your wedding.

using props in a photo booth

A Short List of Some of the Reasons You Might Want a Photo Booth at Your Wedding:

Need a little help answering what problem a photo booth solves for your wedding? Here is a short list of the most popular reasons people rent photo booths for their wedding.


1. Entertainment

If you're looking for something to keep guests entertained during cocktail hour or dinner, or just a good way for guests to take a break from the dance floor, then a photo booth could be perfect! Guests will have fun interacting with the booth while they wait for food and drinks. This way, they'll have time to get some laughs out of each other and take silly pictures together.

2. Engagement Photos

A photo booth can also help you capture those special moments between you and your fiancé/fiancée. It's always nice to look back on these moments later in life as well.

3. Memories

The best part about having a photo booth at your wedding is that it creates lasting memories. After the party has ended, you can go through the photos taken by your wedding guests and relive the experience again.

4. Unique Photos

Having a photo booth at your reception allows you to create unique images that no one else will have. For example, if you're planning on having a themed wedding, then you may want to use props from your theme.

5. Special Moments

You can also use a photo booth to celebrate any special moment throughout the day. Maybe you've been engaged for a long time or you're celebrating a milestone birthday. Whatever the occasion, a photo booth can add a personal touch to your big day.

Wedding Booth Pros and Cons

You can't have a useful article without giving equal time to both the pros and cons of renting a photo booth for your wedding. So here are the top five benefits and drawbacks of hiring a photo booth for your big day.


-When the booth is running it's a great form of entertainment for your guests

-The pictures in the booths are fun to take and a good memory

-If you're looking to get some random photos of people or friends at the wedding then this is a great option

-It will keep people occupied and away from the bar

-Can be set up in any room or corner of the wedding

-It's a great way to capture moments at your wedding you wouldn't otherwise be able to as you will be preoccupied with all the other important functions of your wedding


-You may have to wait a while for your turn if the booth is popular

-May take up a lot of space, so consider where you would put it

-People may get impatient waiting in line

-Some guests may feel left out if they don’t get a turn

-It can be expensive to rent a booth-You will need someone to run it, so it may not be ideal if you're looking for something low-maintenance

-Not everyone likes taking pictures

 From the list above you can tell that there are many reasons why a photo booth is a great addition to your wedding. However, just like anything else, there are disadvantages to having a photo booth at the wedding too.

picture of people using a photo booth

The Top 3 Things to Take Into Consideration When It Comes to Renting a Photo Booth

1. Space

One of the biggest issues that most couples face when deciding whether or not to rent a photo booth is finding enough space to fit it into their venue. If you're having an outdoor wedding such as a park or beach, then you'll probably have plenty of space. But if you're getting married inside, then you might have to look elsewhere.

2. Cost

Another common issue that comes up when thinking about having a photo booth at your wedding is cost. You may find that renting a photo booth for $500-$1000 is more than you expected. This price range includes everything from renting the booth itself to setting it up and running it during the ceremony. 

3. Time

What if you're having a dinner instead of dancing at your reception? This is the perfect time to avoid distractions and enjoy some quality conversation with family members. If that means no photos, it's ok!

Knowing these common issues associated with renting a photo booth, you can make a more informed decision as to whether renting a photo booth is the right choice for your wedding. The point is to ask the right questions when considering this decision. 


Cool Photo Booth Features You Might Not Have Considered

There have been a lot of advancements in photo booth technology over the recent past. Gone are the days when a photo booth was nothing more than a simple cardboard box with a camera on top. Today, we have modern photo booths that use advanced camera technology, produce stunning prints, offer multiple options for customizing your images, and even allow you to share them online. Here are three cool features that you should know about before making your final decision.

1. Customizable Prints

A photo booth is only as good as its ability to create unique prints. With today's photo booths, you can choose between standard prints or high resolution prints. Standard prints are usually 4x6 inches but you can also order 8x10 inch prints. High resolution prints are typically around 5x7 inches and are perfect for printing onto canvas. These prints are very popular because they add a personal touch to your wedding. They are also great for framing and displaying in your home.

2. Custom Photo Booth Backdrops

Photo booths come equipped with backdrops that are pre-printed with your favorite colors and designs. Some booths even come with blank canvases so that you can customize your own design. There are two ways to do this: either by using one of the pre-designed templates or by uploading your own image. Either way, you get to decide what goes where.

3. Props 

Some photo booths include props that will help you capture fun moments like bubbles, hats, glasses, feather boas, and even candy. This provides a fun opportunity for guests to express their personal style. For example, you could have people wear sunglasses while holding up balloons. Or you could have everyone hold up a giant hat. It's all up to you!

4. Sign

Having creative signs that guests can raise during photos will only add to the fun of the photo booth experience and encourage guests to take advantage of everything a photo booth has to offer. It's just another way that guests can express themselves in their own unique way and create memories that you will love reliving long after your wedding day.

5. Portable Photo Booths

The portability of photo booths has been a game changer for inclusion in a wedding. As the equipment has become more compact, making them easy to transport and setup. These booths are small enough to fit into any space and can be set up anywhere from a backyard party to an outdoor reception.

6. Image Quality

Another reason why many couples are choosing photo booths is due to the quality of the images produced. Many photo booths now come with digital cameras that are capable of producing extremely detailed pictures. Most of them also come with built in flash which allows for natural looking lighting. The result? Photos that look amazing!

7. Personalized Memories

One of the best parts of having a photo booth at your wedding is being able to share those memorable moments with friends and family. You can print out photos right away or save them to your phone or tablet. 

8. Guest Book Opportunities

Instead of guests just leaving a written entry in your guestbook, you can provide the option to leave a printed photo from the photo booth. This personalised touch can really enhance your memories of your special day and allow guests to inject their personality into their congratulations messages

bridesmaids using props in a photo booth

Wedding Photo Booth Logisitics

The portability of photo booths has been a game changer for inclusion in a wedding. The equipment has become more compact, making them easy to transport and setup. The advantages are obvious, but there are still some things to consider when planning your photo booth logistics.

1. Space

How much room do you have available for the photo booth? If you're planning on setting up a portable photo booth, make sure that you have enough space for it to operate comfortably.

2. Lighting

Ask the photo booth vendor what type of lighting might be necessary for the space where the photo booth will be set up. If they don't have additional lighting options available, this could require a new location for the photo booth to be set up.

3. Power Supply

While most vendors will come prepared with their own secondary power supply in the event of a power outage, you don't want to rely on this for the main power source. This is another good opportunity to have the photo booth vendor walk the venue prior to the wedding to make sure they have access to a proper power source that can handle the load of the photo booth.

4. Backup Plan

If you plan on using a photo booth, you should always have a backup plan in place in case something goes wrong. Your photo booth vendor should be able to help you develop a contingency plan if anything does go awry.

5. Safety

It's a photo booth what could possibly go wrong? Well...everything. While photo booths are a pretty non-invasive piece of hardware, they can pose risks such as falling over, not being hooked up to the right electrical outlet, etc. Make sure that your photo booth vendor is aware of these potential hazards so that they can take precautions to avoid them.

6. Insurance

While most vendors are required to carry insurance on all of their equipment for liability reasons and to protect themselves, this is not a guarantee. Believe it or not, most wedding venues actually require proof of insurance before a vendor is allowed to use any of their facilities. It's important to check with your venue about their requirements before booking a photo booth vendor and to make sure your photo booth vendor has the proper insurance documentation well in advance of your wedding

7. Security

Photo booths are often used by children during parties and events. Having an adult present while the kids play around may seem like a hassle, but it can also prevent some potentially dangerous situations. Make sure that your photographer has someone who can watch out for children at all times.

8. Service

Most vendors offer a variety of services beyond just photography. For example, some offer custom props, backgrounds, and even video editing. Make sure that your vendor offers everything that you need for your special day.

9. Cleanup

Photo booths are traditionally a very messy affair. The best photo booth vendors will come prepared to take care of the potential disaster that is left behind after each session. If you're paying a premium for service this should be included, so don't settle for anything less!

10. Management

While most professional vendors will hire a person to manage and assist with the operation of a photo booth, this is not a guarantee. This is a great question to ask your photo booth vendor when considering your options. Additionally, level of customer service is really important, so make sure to read the reviews of your vendors online before making a final decision

Are Photo Booths Considered Tacky at Weddings?

As mentioned above, photo booths are a relatively new addition to weddings. In fact, many couples still consider them tacky. However, the truth is that photo booths have been part of our culture since the beginning of time. They've evolved from simple paper cutouts to elaborate setups with multiple cameras, lighting, and other fun features. Today, photo booths are considered one of the more popular ways to capture memories at weddings.

How Long Should a Wedding Photo Booth Last?

The length of time that a photo booth lasts depends on how long you want your guests to enjoy it. Many people choose to keep the photo booth open until the end of the reception, which allows guests to continue taking photos throughout the night. Others prefer to close down the photo booth early and let guests have as much time as they'd like to spend enjoying the festivities.

However, because there could be a time concern when it comes to overall cost, the average amount of time a photo booth is used and operated during a wedding is anywhere between two and three hours.

Is a Wedding Photo Booth Worth It?

This is the million dollar question right? It would be easy to just leave the answer as "it depends", but really that's not helpful. The truth is that it's a rare wedding when a photo booth wouldn't help to enhance the festivities. A good photo booth provides a unique experience that creates lasting memories.

So the real question is one of value. When deciding whether or not a photo booth is worth it the only thing that really matters is if it adds value to your event. 

What is the Cost of a Wedding Photo Booth?

Price will usually be determined by the level of quality, number of amenities, experience, and level of service provided by the vendor. When it comes to selecting a photo booth rental company, it's important to note that not all companies are created equally. The national average cost of renting a photo booth for a wedding is between $500-$1,000 There are some vendors who offer packages where everything is included in the price including the rental equipment, setup, and tear down. The type and quality of the equipment used will also be an important factor in how much you are likely to pay to rent a photo booth.

The final consideration is the amount of time you will need the photo booth for. Most vendors offer a specific rate for the first 2-3 hours with additional expenses for every hour after that point. It's important to shop around, but always compare what's being offered for the price. The vendor you choose might not be the least expensive but they could be the best value for the money.


So, should you hire a photo booth for your wedding? The pros definitely outweigh the cons. Photo booths are fun, provide great memories and can be a money-saver when it comes to printed photos. If you’re on the fence about hiring one, we recommend going for it – you won’t regret it! Have you hired a photo booth for your upcoming wedding? We want to hear all about it – share your experiences in the comments below.

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