Should I Get A DJ For My Wedding?

Have you ever wondered whether you really need a professional DJ for your wedding? Here are 5 reasons why your wedding needs an experienced DJ. Are wedding DJs really worth that amount of money what all do they do that iPod can’t wouldn’t it be better just to hire my family friend. what’s the difference between a high price professional and an amateur we’re going to answer all these questions down below. See how we plan our weddings

A professional DJ has professional gear

Hiring a DJ is more than just picking out someone to play the songs at your reception. A professional DJ will also have all the sound and lighting gear you need to create the perfect dance party. A great DJ will bring high-quality speakers that fit the venue and you won’t have to worry about the music being too loud or too soft. They will also supply dynamic lighting effects, including uplighting, spotlights, and more, to match the color and theme of your event.

ditching paper invitations all together. While you may not elect to go to that extreme, you also don’t need to blow your budget on something that can easily be accomplished with a cheaper yet still elegant option through Etsy, Shutterfly, or another online vendor.

The right DJ will also have specialty add-ons, like photo booths and LED screens, so that you don’t have to go through multiple vendors. At DJ Cutt Entertainment, we can even provide professional videographers.

Ceremony Mics and Speakers

You might think of your DJ as just the person who plays music, but think of them as your sound and AV expert. That’s why if you care about the sound quality of your wedding you shouldn’t just have them at your reception, but also at the actual ceremony.

A DJ will be able to provide high-quality wireless mics and lapel mics so that you have perfect sound quality during your wedding. This will ensure all of your guests, even the ones in the back, will be able to hear your vows, and that your videographer will be able to document every word. These mics will also come in handy when reciting toasts, giving speeches, and making announcements.

Coordination between each vendor

You have a lot of things to worry about in preparation for your wedding. Anytime you can hand off some of your duties to someone you can trust, it makes it that much easier. A professional wedding DJ should be able to handle a lot of the planning and coordination, in particular when it comes to AV issues.

A good DJ will help make everything flows smoothly. They will coordinate with other vendors to make sure that everyone is on the same page. This includes making sure the photographer knows when and where to be to document the most important moments, and connecting with the venue beforehand to make sure all technical issues are taken care of.

Master Of Ceremonies

An experienced DJ will be comfortable standing in front of the crowd to make announcements and direct the flow of your wedding. Your DJ should be charming on the mic, and be able to create enthusiasm and add to the fun of the evening.

This will include effectively communicating important information in a concise and timely manner, without drawing undue attention to themselves. It’s a thin line that has to be balanced, and a good DJ knows how to do it well.

What about the music?

Notice how the last thing I mentioned is music? That’s because your DJ should be far more than just a person who plays music. Sure, having a great dance party is important. And a professional DJ will definitely have the ability to pick out the right songs at the right time.

But when hiring a DJ, keep in mind all the other aspects of sound and AV that go into making for a great wedding. If you do, you will be happy with the results. Especially if you decide to work with DJ Cutt Entertainment.

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What Does a Wedding MC Do

One of the most overlooked and important announcements the MC can make once the ceremony is over involves making sure everyone knows how to locate the restroom.

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When is the best time to hire a wedding DJ?

What better way to celebrate your engagement than by planning the most important event in life? The excitement of getting married begins with choosing a DJ for this special day. But, as any bride knows- there’s no shortage of choices! So we’ll help ease some stress during those hectic times ahead; examining when it is best not only from an economical standpoint but also one where you won’t regret having chosen too early rather than late or vice versa later down the road…

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How To Plan Your Wedding Timeline

When it comes to planning a wedding, one of the most important aspects is the event timeline. This is necessary to keep everybody on schedule and make sure nothing gets lost in the shuffle. Here at DJ Cutt Entertainment, we understand the importance of preparation. That’s why we have our own online planning form for you to use with the specific times that we need to know. On your wedding day we will try our hardest to hit these specific events at the specific times. However, we approach the entire day with a commitment to flexibility, because we know many things can run late (or early) during the actual event. Often times, you won’t know what time the day should start but you have a hard out when the event must end. Our approach is to plan the timeline in reverse so that way you know exactly what time to start your event versus just trying to guess. Many venues have a hard cut off time that you have to be out by and a time that the vendors have to be out by as well. What time do weddings typically end? After DJing weddings the past 15 years in Oregon and Portland, the average end time is somewhere between 9:30 and 10. We have had weddings go till at least 3 in the morning but 90 to 95% of weddings and at this time.