Portland School Dance Prom DJ

How do you hire a professional school dance DJ? Here’s a list of five things every school must consider when hiring an Oregon DJ. Whether you’re in Portland or another school district in Oregon, hiring a DJ for your school prom should be a relatively easy process, especially if you follow this advice. Most important, make sure you work with a pro, like the team at DJ Cutt Entertainment.

1. Your dance needs a professional sound system

When you’re hiring a DJ, you aren’t just getting someone who can pick out popular music. An experienced and credible Oregon DJ will also bring their own professional sound gear. This is essential if you want to create a fun and festive atmosphere for your school event.

Speakers aren’t a one size fit all solution. If your DJ only has one type of speaker, then you’ll want to find someone else who is able to match gear to your specific requirements. At DJ Cutt Entertainment, we have a wide range of sound equipment and we will tailor a sound solution to fit your venue and the number of participants.

It’s important that the music not be too loud or two soft, but evenly cover the dance floor. That’s our goal at every event.

2. Music for both the kids and the adults

You want your students to have fun and be able to listen to the music they like. But you also have a responsibility to only play appropriate music at an official school function. It’s important to work with a DJ who fully understands how to balance these two competing demands.

At DJ Cutt Entertainment, we give the students a chance to pick out the songs they want to hear before the dance. This also allows parents, teachers, and administrators a chance to create a no-play list and have final approval over what songs are allowed. We also know without being told which songs are inappropriate for a school setting.

3. Lighting schemes to match your dance theme

Sound is only one half of the school dance equation. A professional DJ will also bring premium lighting effects that create just the right atmosphere. From laser light shows, wall effects, and LED screens playing music videos, we can design a custom lighting package that matches your budget.

The best part is we can create lighting scenarios that complement your dance theme, including custom lighting displays that feature your school logo or slogan, or whatever you want.

4. DJ and photo booth

While we’d never suggest you do away with tablecloths and napkins all together, there’s no need to splurge on them either. Picking out the less expensive, and less pretentious, option will not impair anyone’s enjoyment.

5. Hired a Professional

DJ Cutt Entertainment provides professional, fully trained DJs who know what they are doing. We’ll schedule a site walk through prior to your event to ensure we plan everything out exactly right and there is no miscommunication. Our DJs are insured and have undergone background checks, and are willing to supply any information you need to ensure compliance with your vendor guidelines.

During the event, our DJs will always comport themselves professionally. They will be dressed appropriately and will never drink alcohol on the job.

To learn more about our affordable school dance packages, contact us today.

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