How To Play The Wedding Shoe Game

Weddings are about having fun and celebrating the love between the bride and groom, and one great way to do both is with the wedding shoe game. Families have plenty of different wedding traditions that get passed down from generation to generation, and this is one you may already familiar with. If not, don’t worry, as I’ll be explaining everything you need to know about this enjoyable and romantic activity.

What are the rules of the wedding shoe game?

The rules for the wedding shoe game are really very simple. If you’re familiar with the Newlywed Game, then you already understand the concept. The best time to play is during your reception dinner or once the reception has started. You begin by placing two chairs with their backs to each other on stage or in the middle of the dance floor, depending on your location.

The bride and groom will then each sit in one of the chairs, so that their backs are to each other and the one can’t see the other. Then have them take off their shoes, and each exchange one. That should leave the bride with one of her shoes and one of the groom’s, and vice versa.

You then have someone ask the couple questions about their relationship. For example, you might ask, “Which of you is the most romantic?” The bride and groom will then hold up one shoe to represent their answer, either their own or the other’s. Your guests should help out by cheering every time their answers match.

The key is that because the bride and groom can’t see each other, they will have to rely on their own intuition to make a decision. Hopefully they’ll get more right answers than wrong ones, and have a lot of fun along the way.

Who should act as MC?

Picking one or two enthusiastic hosts for this activity is key, and is a decision you should put a lot of thought into. Preferably your MC will feel comfortable standing up in front of a crowd of people without getting nervous. A good sense of humor is also helpful.

Some couples will turn this duty over to either the best man or maid of honor (or both). Another option is one or two siblings of the bride and groom. Having someone who is close to the newlyweds and knows them well often leads to a lot of inside jokes and good camaraderie.

Of course, sometimes none of the most obvious options from the wedding party will feel comfortable with public speaking in this manner. In such instances, a professional MC is likely the best choice. At DJ Cutt Entertainment, our wedding DJs all have a lot of experience with the wedding shoe game and make excellent hosts leading this and other activities during the reception. See how we MC all our events

What questions should you ask?

It’s a good idea to come up with a prearranged list of questions. This can help to avoid any embarrassing or inappropriate questions from being asked. Here is a list of some suggested questions we recommend:

  • Who has the better sense of humor?
  • Who is more intelligent?
  • Who is the better cook?
  • Who made the first move?
  • Who is the biggest nerd?
  • Who will want to have kids first?
  • Who’s more of a morning person?
  • Who’s more stubborn?
  • Who said, “I love you” first?
  • Who is more likely to have a hangover tomorrow?
  • Who spends more time on their phone?

And of course, your last question is the only one you want to have different answers for: Who do you love most in the world?

At DJ Cutt Entertainment, we can help organize and MC the wedding shoe game and all of your reception festivities. Contact us today to learn more.

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