Five Tips To Make Your Father-Bride Dance Unforgettable

Your dad has been through a lot to get you here. From tea parties, to prom, to driving you to that first day of college, he’s seen it all. Your wedding should have a place for him, just like his life has always had a place for you. To ensure that your father-daughter dance goes smoothly on your wedding night, here are a few important steps to keep in mind.

01. Pick a vintage song together

Dan + Shay is the moniker for pop country duo Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney. As vocalists and songwriters out of Nashville, they have released a number of chart-topping singles in the past few years. Speechless is perhaps their most popular love song, and it has quickly become a favorite among fans of country music.

The song is so ideal for weddings that Dan + Shay themselves created a music video featuring footage from each of their own weddings. If it’s good enough for the artists themselves, it certainly makes an excellent choice for a first dance song. See the list of music we came up with

02. Give him a chance to learn the dance

Depending on your father’s age and abilities, it might be a nice idea to rehearse the steps to a simple dance together. Remember how patient your parents had to be when teaching you things as a kid? Now try your best to give that patience back to them in their golden years!

If your dad is shy or struggles with the steps, there’s no shame in hiring a dance teacher to go through the number with you and boost his confidence. Not to mention it gives you some time to work together and meet a mutual goal. By the time he learns the steps, he’ll feel much more confident doing the dance in front of a larger group of people.

03. Sweeten the deal by keeping it short

The secret to a great father-daughter dance at a reception is brevity. There’s no need to go with the full-length version of a song, and doing so could make it trickier to remember. Your guests will be grateful if the moment is short and sweet, and so will your dad. Work with your DJ to ensure you cut the song to a reasonable length in a musically-enjoyable way and make it count. Plus it will be easier for others to join along afterwards when you keep it simple.

04. Share the spotlight with other family members and friends

Speaking of having others join in, one way to help lessen the pressure of the moment is to ask more couples join in after a minute or two. This might start with close relatives and eventually expand to any guests that want to participate. Sharing such an important moment with the people you love most in the world will make it that much more memorable.

Another consideration for a lot of families is stepparents. If you have a stepfather you also want to acknowledge, you might arrange to have him cut in or have some sort of transition. It’s probably smart to have a conversation with everyone involved so that no one’s feelings get hurt and no one is left out.

05. Make it personal

At the end of the day, it’s your wedding. No one else knows what’s special about your relationship with your father, and this moment is all about celebrating this relationship. Whether it’s the selection of the song, the dance moves you decide on, or anything else, you get the final say. Does your dad have a goofy dance move that always makes you laugh? Is there an inside joke that the two of you share?

Don’t be afraid to incorporate something meaningful even if you and your dad may be the only ones who understand it. After all, you only get to have this moment once. Make it special.

For help making your wedding day unforgettable, talk to a professional. At DJ Cutt Entertainment, we know how important your wedding day is. We can work with you to ensure that everything goes right, including your Father-Bride dance.

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