Does My Wedding Ceremony Need A Microphone

When it comes to planning a wedding, microphones are probably very low on your priority list. But no matter where your wedding is, whether indoors or outdoors, you’re going to need some kind of sound system to make sure that your guests can hear you and the officiant and anyone else who will be participating in the ceremony. That’s why you should work with a wedding DJ who does more than just play music. There are two main factors that must be considered when setting up your sound system, the location and the number of guests. We’ll be looking at both of these elements and more so that you have a good idea of what goes into ensuring quality audio during your ceremony.

Location matters for your audio set up

When deciding on what kind of mics and amplification you need, the first thing an AV person will need to know is where the ceremony is taking place. If it’s inside a church, you may be tempted to assume you won’t need any sound gear, either because the church will already have a system installed or has natural acoustics that make a microphone unnecessary. But the church system is usually a microphone at a lectern, where it won’t do you much good during your wedding.

Other indoor locations are likely to suffer from the same problem. Before booking a place, it’s always wise to enquire about what kind of sound system they have already and whether it will be adequate for your needs. If not, work with your wedding DJ to get all the sound equipment you need.

For outdoor spots, whether it’s a quiet forest, a backyard, a beach, a barn, or anywhere else, you’ll almost certainly need to bring your own microphones. No matter how quiet you think it is, once the location is filled with people, it will suddenly become much harder to hear.

Whether indoors or out, consider everyone who will be speaking during the ceremony. This will include not just the bride and groom and officiant, but also anyone who might be performing a song, reading a poem or scripture, or making any other remarks. You’ll need to plan a sound option that will cover all of them.

Make sure even your guests at the back can hear

The number of guests is also a critical factor in the type of sound system you’ll need. Without one, it’s likely that even people four or five rows back won’t be able to hear everything, and the back row will probably be left out completely. There’s nothing worse than your guests turning to each other during the ceremony wondering what was just said.

You might think your guest list is small at 75, but that’s a large crowd when it comes to sound. If you don’t want to shout during the ceremony so everyone can hear, make sure you have an adequate sound set up with enough mics. See how we do our wedding ceremonies

What kind of sound gear does a wedding ceremony need?

At DJ Cutt entertainment, we know how important audio is. First of all, when we set up the sound for your wedding ceremony and reception, we will always have two completely separate set ups for each. That way you’ll have a smooth transition from one to the next.

For the ceremony itself, you’ll need some entrance and exit music, as well as mics for the participants. It’s important that these be wireless microphones and lapels mics, so there’s no cables getting dragged around as the bride and groom enter and leave.

Other equipment that we’ll provide includes a mixing board and speakers. Since we also offer video services as well, you can rest easy knowing that your wedding video will have great sound. With DJ Cutt entertainment, you can be sure that all of your sound needs will be met.

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