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We get a lot of questions from brides, grooms, and wedding planners wanting to know about our DJ and AV services. We’ve compiled the most frequent questions below and provided thorough answers to each. ‍Even better, we recorded a video with these questions and answers, making it even easier for you to get the information that you need. Of course, if we didn’t cover your question below, feel free to reach out to us and schedule a free consultation. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

What Does It Take To Book My Wedding Date?

The first step is to set up a consultation meeting with us. We’ll go over the details of your wedding and make sure that we’re a good fit for your event. We’ll then send over a contract for you to sign. Once this is signed, and your 40% retainer payment is received, then your date is secure.  

What Are The Payment Options?

We accept most forms of payment, including Venmo, Paypal, credit card, and debit card. There is a 3% fee charged for each credit card or debit transaction.

What Is The Booking Process?

The very first step is setting up a consultation meeting. This can be a zoom meeting or over the phone. We prefer a zoom meeting, as this allows us to share screen and show you some specific aspects of our set up and makes it easier to explain the booking process.  

After the meeting, once you confirm your date (by signing your contract and making your deposit), we will then establish a time for the site walkthrough (see below).  

A month prior to your wedding, we’ll reach out again to set up a final check-in before your wedding. You will also need to fill out some forms on our website, which is how you will provide us with all necessary information for your event, and make any song requests.  

On the day of your event, we will arrive two to three hours beforehand, in order to have enough time for set up.

What Happens During The Site Walkthrough?

Many weddings are at popular venues that we’ve worked many times. But especially for sites we’ve never worked before, we highly encourage a site walkthrough beforehand to go over all the necessary details and make sure we have access to everything we need.  

At the site walkthrough, we’ll go over the floor plan and figure out the best spot for our set up, where we’ll be drawing power from, and other logistical details.

Will Your Employees Eat And Drink During The Wedding?

None of our employees will drink alcohol before or during your event.  

We ask that you provide a vendor meal (equivalent to what your guests will be eating) for each of our staff working your event. We’ll provide the number of staff based on the package that you’ve ordered.  

How Many Hours Are Included In Your DJ Packages?

Our standard DJ package start at five hours. If you need to add time to your package, that is no problem. We typically charge $150 dollars for every hour added.  

It’s possible to add extra time during the event, but we ask that you pay the overtime fee at that time, rather than after the event.  

Do You Take Song Requests?

We provide you with the ability to make requests and create a Do Not Play list prior to the event. During the event, we will take requests from guests. If a song is requested that is on your Do Not Play list, we’ll check with the Bride or Groom before playing it to make sure it’s okay.  

Do You Need The Internet To Perform?

Our music is kept on a computer. We don’t use a streaming platform like Spotify, so all music is located on our database, meaning we don’t require internet access to play music at your wedding. This helps ensure that there is no music outage caused by a bad internet connection.  

Is A Ceremony Setup Included?

Our pricing package is based on hours, not on the type of event (such as a ceremony vs a reception). This means that we are able to accommodate both a ceremony and reception if it fits within the time frame of your event.  

Another question we get a lot is what if you’re not having a ceremony. This will not impact the price, as once again, our fees are based on hours, not the type of event. This means that we are able to cover both a ceremony and a reception with one of our standard packages.

How Many Microphones Are Included?

For the ceremony, your package will come with either two lapel mics, or two wireless handheld mics, or a combination of both. If you need additional mics, for instance if you have a musical performance during your ceremony, we’ll have to add additional mics as necessary.

For the reception, we’ll have two handheld mics, for toasts and announcements.  

How Far Will You Travel For A Wedding (and is there a travel fee)?

There is no limit to how far we’ll travel. We do not charge a travel fee for any wedding within 40 miles of Portland. For venues that are more than 40 miles from Portland, we will charge a travel fee (both ways).  

Do You Carry Insurance?

We have liability insurance that covers us up to one million dollars. Some venues require vendors to show a copy of their liability insurance. Let us know beforehand if you need this from us and we’ll be happy to supply documentation.

What Are Your Setup Requirements?

For each wedding, we request a floor plan from you beforehand. We will need an area that is 10x10 for our DJ space. We also ask that there are no tables in front of the DJ booth, so that there are no speakers right next to one of your tables. We prefer a clear area to the dance floor when possible.

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Thanks for your interest in DJ Cutt Entertainment. If you have a question that is not answered above, please feel free to reach out to us.

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