12 Essential Questions a DJ Must Ask Before Your Wedding Day to Ensure a Memorable and Unforgettable Celebration

A successful wedding is all about being prepared. From the planning to the actual day, questions are essential for the couple, as well as the wedding DJ. Getting the most out of your special day means coming armed with answers to the questions a professional wedding DJ company will require in order to provide the best experience for you and your guests. Knowing these answers will help your DJ create a plan of attack and better understand what you are looking for in terms of music, sound system setup, and anything else they may need to know in order to accommodate you. Here are 12 questions a DJ should ask the bride and groom before their wedding day:

Do you have a preference for the specific DJ who performs?

When it comes to wedding DJ entertainment, "I do" doesn't just refer to the vows you'll be taking - it's also our commitment never to switch up your hired performer at the last minute! With DJ Cutt Entertainment, we make sure that all clients know who will be spinning their special night before signing on with us. Plus, a non-refundable retainer of 40% and an online booking system ensure maximum music satisfaction – not only for your big day but during every step of planning too.

What are you looking for?

This is one of the first questions that I ask a couple. What have you seen at past weddings that you want to incorporate and what would you like to stay away from? This goes for the music and other things that you've seen from a DJ. There are many different aspects of a wedding that can be DJ related that you wouldn't think have much to do with the DJ. One of the biggest things is the flow of events. The more that you can communicate with the DJ what your ideal wedding will look like the happier you'll be with the end product. This is why I always ask this question towards the beginning of my consultations.

What length of DJ Package will you need?

Most wedding packages start around 5 hours. This is just about enough time to do all the events that happen at a typical wedding. Most of my weddings are between 6 to 7 hours depending on the events. The best way to come up with a timeline is to work backwards, especially if you have a venue that has a particular cut-off time.

Here is my basic formula:

• Start with the dance party and figure out how much time you need to allocate for this event

• Speeches will depend on how many people are speaking and if you give them a time limit, which I recommend

• Dinner will depend on the number of guests that you have and whether it's buffet or family style. You should plan for between 45 minutes to an hour and a half.

• The grand entrance and cocktail hour is kind of a buffer that can be adjusted depending on the rest of the schedule. The cocktail hour is usually 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

• This will give you a good indication of what time you should start your ceremony. Whatever time you want to start, put on your invitations half an hour earlier because most weddings run 15 to 30 minutes behind. You will be waiting on guests to arrive.

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What is your budget?

Most DJ pricing is done by the number of hours in the package. If you have a rough idea of how many hours you'll need the DJ, we can give you a good estimate of how much the DJ package will be. We do a 5-hour package for 1195. Then overtime is 150 an hour past that 5 Hour package.

Many DJ companies offer a lot more services than just DJ. At DJ Cutt Entertainment, we have the ability to do elegant lighting, photo booth, and videography. Our package price really depends on what services you are looking for. It's a good idea to get a price sheet of all the pricing before you sign your contract so there is no confusion.

What kind of music do you want for your wedding ceremony?

The ceremony is usually about 20 to 40 minutes once the service starts. Most DJ companies will play background music as your guests are seated. It's a good idea to communicate with them what type of background music you would like to be played during this time.

This is also a good time to tell them who will need to be mic'd up for the ceremony. Let them know if you would like wireless mics or lapel mics for the service. An experienced wedding DJ will ask if anyone is giving any special speeches or if you will be holding a candle-lighting or sand-pouring ceremony. This helps them to make sure those speakers are mic'd up adequetly.

What about Cocktail and Bridal introductions?

After the marital bliss is official, it's time for your guests to partake in a little something known as 'the cocktail hour' - whether there are alcoholic beverages or not!

This gives you some lovely alone-time together, darling couple. Then when dinner is served and ready to go tuck into; get everyone primed with an exciting bridal introduction - also affectionately referred to as the grand entrance.

Depending on how wild you want this wedding party affair going down of course dictates what kind of announcement should be made... Let your DJ know ahead so they can make sure all those long arduous rehearsals pay off!

Dinner and speeches

When it comes to the main course of events at our clients' gatherings, an unforgettable feast is only complete with a side of custom-selected music and tasty speeches. While dinner sizzles away in the kitchen, we're on hand to release hungry guests by table while helping speakers get their voices heard! Our savvy staff show them how best use microphones so that every word they say carries.

Standards of Professionalism

When picking the right DJ for your event, it pays to prioritize the level of professionalism. After all, you don't want to be surprised by a pair of sweatpants when they show up on the day of! A professional DJ will make it a point to ask about what the appropriate attire should be for the wedding. After all, nobody wants an accidental "sweatpant situation"!

Of course, this is an extreme example but it's important to make sure that your DJ will represent you in the professional manner expected of a wedding vendor.

Here's another question that deserves asking...Is your wedding DJ throwing a secret party within the confines of yours? This could be a red flag if your DJ inquires about sobriety. After all, no one wants their big day soundtracked by someone who's had one too many!

When it comes to hiring a wedding DJ, liability insurance is no joke. Accidents happen and the last thing you want at your event is a lawsuit! A seasoned wedding DJ will make it a point to ask about the liability insurance required at your wedding venue in order to perform.

These questions may seem minor but they can make the difference between a great wedding experience and one that you'd like to forget.

What is the wedding timeline and breaks schedule?

Weddings are full of surprises, but the last one you want is to be without your DJ when you need them most! A professional DJ will ask about your wedding timeline in order to map out a break schedule that is convenient for you and your guests. 

When the party's in full swing, even professional DJs aren't immune to the call of nature. Here's a tip...to make sure your wedding schedule runs as smoothly as their mixes request that your DJ makes announcements when they are going on breaks so there won't be any surprises or pauses on your special day.

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Do you have any music requests?

Every couple has their own musical style, and when it comes to wedding music requests, no two companies can offer the same exact experience. That's why it's so important to your DJ to ask about the expectations regarding music requests.

Here at DJ Cutt Entertainment we understand that good communication is key—we make sure you get exactly what you want in our planning forms! Bride's choice? Check. A dance party with a 25-song limit? Absolutely! Don't like country music - not an issue. We'll just add those songs to your do-not play list and VOILA!

And if that wasn't enough, all requested music will be curated so... no worries about any cringeworthy lyrical fails here!

Are there any wedding venue requirements?

DJs need to be ready for any gig, no matter how wild or remote the venue is. From Portland's bustling venues to one-of-a-kind spots on Central Oregon beaches - each venue has its own set of rules. The most important box that needs checking off? Wedding Liability insurance! Not all DJs are equipped with it so make sure you're DJ knows what wedding liability insurance policy they will need to carry and what it needs to cover.

Some venues are downright draconian when it comes to sound levels, mandating satellite speakers and no subs. Meeting these strict guidelines can be tricky, but doable. Knowing these venue rules upfront allows us time to find a solution for your wedding.

When it comes to venues and wedding timelines, things can get serious fast! You've got DJs that need extra time for setup, alcohol cut-off times, and strict deadlines on when vendors and guests have to bounce. Your wedding DJ will want to know this information in advance to make sure they will be able to set up and tear down their gear within the venue's guidelines.

What AV and DJ equipment do you need?

Planning a wedding is an exciting step in any couple's journey, but depending on the location and type of event being hosted, different levels of equipment may need to be arranged prior.

Our packages include both ceremony set up as well as reception or dance party arrangements - however for many weddings, we also have the option for cocktail hour or dinner preparations if desired!

During your consultation with us, our team will help you understand all available options so that everything goes smoothly when it comes time to celebrate this joyous occasion.


Asking the right questions is essential for ensuring that our client's wedding runs smoothly. By communicating with you in advance of your wedding, we can avoid any surprises and make sure that all of your musical needs are met.

At DJ Cutt Entertainment, we pride ourselves on our ability to cater to each individual couple's tastes. We understand that no two weddings are alike, and we work hard to ensure that each one is uniquely special. Let us help you create a celebration that you will always remember!

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