Wedding at Cape Horn Estates

Weddings with multiple setups are extremely common, requiring preparation in advance to work with each unique floor plan and setup. Local Portland DJ Alex Ramey explains how speakers must be factored intothis equation. If the ceremony is located away from the dinner reception and dance floor, speakers should be set up separately in each area to ensure that the best audio possible is being delivered throughout the event. When speaking with affordable DJs in your area, it is important to design the audio setup so that everyone at the wedding can hear the speakers clearly. On the other hand,you want to avoid the audio being too loud and blown out of proportion. Havingextra speakers set up across the space can help prevent blasting the signal all the way from the DJ booth. Instead, you will achieve a warm, clean balanced tone.


Alex points out that in the case of out door events, the best place to play pre-ceremony music is typically near a shaded area where people tend to huddle. Once again, we want to designate speakers for different areas to create a smooth transition from a more formal, low volume ceremony dinner party event, to a louder, more energetic dance party environment.Having low volume speakers around the tables and louder speakers at the DJ booth will give you the best of both worlds.


There’s nothing worse than a wedding ceremony where no one can hear–that is why one must be prepared with lapel mics and a handheld mic in case the event gets windy. As DJs, we want to ensure that even the people seated furthest back can hear the ceremony clearly.


Lastly, having an MC is critical to keeping a wedding organized. In between events, they may use the mic to direct people to a certain area, i.e. getting seated before the ceremony or dismissing tables to line up for dinner.


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