Columbia Gorge Hotel & Spa Wedding

Local DJ Alex Ramey walks us through a recent wedding event and how this particular location created some challenges that could pertain to any event.


The wedding ceremony took place on one side of the hotel venue, and the nature of the setup warranted a blind walkthrough which made it difficult to keep track of the people walking in.


Because the gorge is one of the windiest places in Oregon, this wasn’t the ideal setting for lapel mics which are sensitive to windy frequencies. Despite this setback, we were able to eq out the harsh wind frequencies. Alex suggests going over mic logistics during a consultation meeting with DJs in your area. Make sure to address topics such as–How many people are speaking? What is the setting?--so that your DJ can show up prepared with the correct equipment.


While the ceremony was in the back, the cocktail area was located on the side of the building, and the dinner area was on the opposite side, meaning that there was a lot of distance between setups. This allowed us to tear down the ceremony and cocktail setup while the guests were in the dinner area, without creating a disturbance or mess.


The dinner was buffet style, so an MC went around and dismissed guests one table at a time. Once everyone settled in for dinner, the event transitioned to toasts and speeches, and the setup consisted of two wireless, handheld microphones, allowing the speeches to be given from the head table. The special dances proceeded after the speeches and were done on the dancefloor, which was integrated into the dinner area.


The dance party took place inside the hotel, which presented a few challenges. For one, the room was naturally dark, which was why we provided uplights that completely transformed the dance floor’s atmosphere.


Four different setups in one wedding might sound intimidating, but it is possible so long as we can anticipate the possible challenges beforehand and come prepared.