How much does it cost to live stream?

Wedding live streaming refers to broadcasting a wedding ceremony or reception live over the internet, allowing people who cannot attend in person to still be a part of the celebration.

How do you get internet in remote locations?

At locations that do not have a reliable internet source we will use a live view solo that comes with a mobile data plan

How does wedding live streaming work?

Wedding live streaming involves setting up cameras and equipment to capture the wedding ceremony or reception and broadcasting it online using streaming software or platforms like Zoom, YouTube, or Facebook Live.

What equipment do you need for wedding live streaming?

What equipment do you need for wedding live streaming?

How much does wedding live streaming cost?

The cost of wedding live streaming can vary depending on the equipment and software used, the length of the live stream, and the complexity of the setup. Generally, it can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Most packages will start at $1495

What Is The Process For Booking My Wedding Date?

The very first step is setting up a consultation meeting with us via Zoom or a phone call. Zoom is preferred as it’s easier to go over the details of your wedding, the details of our setup, the booking process, and to make sure we’re a good fit for your event. After this call, we’ll send over a contract. Once the contract is signed and deposit is made (50% retainer), then your date is secured. Next, we schedule a site walkthrough (see below). Then, one month prior to your wedding, we’ll reach out again to schedule a final check-in before your wedding. You will need to fill out some forms on our website, which is how you will provide us with all necessary information for your event, and make any song requests. On the day of your event, we will arrive two to three hours beforehand, in order to have enough time for set up.

What Are The Payment Options?

We accept most forms of payment, including Venmo, Paypal, credit card, and debit card. There is a 3% fee charged for each credit card or debit transaction.

Who will be my DJ for the event?

If you choose to go with the DJ Cutt package, I will be assigned to your event. For all other packages, staffing will be assigned based on service needs. This will be listed inside on your online portal account.

What Happens During The Site Walkthrough?

What Happens During The Site Walkthrough?

Will Your Employees Eat And Drink During The Wedding?

None of our employees will drink alcohol before or during your event. We ask that you provide a vendor meal (equivalent to what your guests will be eating) for each of our staff working your event. We’ll provide the number of staff based on the package that you’ve ordered.

How Much Does The First Dance On Clouds Machine Cost?

With our company, our packages start out at $350. It really just depends on where your event is located, the date of your event, and if this is an a la carte item, or this is an add on to one of our DJ or video packages.

How Long Will The Cloud Effect Last?

This really depends on a lot of different factors. The first thing is how much dry ice we need to put into the machine. We usually like to go for about 30 pounds, and on a consistent blast, this could last anywhere between two to about four or five minutes, depending on some of the other elements. It's also going to depend on how hot it is outside. Also the wind is an important factor, because this is a cloud, any kind of wind or AC will disperse the cloud more quickly. So it really depends on a bunch of different factors, but overall the effect lasts about two to five minutes for the first dance.

What Are The Venue Requirements?

For this effect, we’re going to be bringing in about anywhere from about 30 to 50 pounds of dry ice. When we get to the venue we need to be able to get water from a tap outlet. We have a hose so that we can fill up the machine. It will require about eight gallons of water to fill up the machine so the effect can last the maximum amount of time. This water doesn't get released onto to the dance floor. It just gets pumped over the dry ice so the dry ice melts and that's what creates the cloud. We also need at least one dedicated circuit that nobody else is using. If possible. We would like access to two, and that way the machine only takes about 20 minutes to heat up versus like 45 minutes to an hour and a half. And this all will depend on the temperature that the water starts at.

What Is The Set Up Time For A Dancing In The Clouds Machine?

What Is The Set Up Time For A Dancing In The Clouds Machine?

How Long Does It Take To Clean Up A Dancing In The Clouds Machine?

Usually cleanup can be done very quickly. The only circumstances where cleanup might be a little bit longer as if we have a marble dance floor and a little bit of moisture could make that marble slick. We have mops with us and stuff to clean up but usually this is not a problem. At worst, it's just a little bit damp but it doesn't leave a mark or cause any water damage.

Do you offer Full Ceremony Videos

Weddings are a time of joy and wonder. It's easy to become absorbed in the moment, making it tough for couples to take advantage of the occasion together and appreciate all of the hard work that went into bringing their marriage vision to life! This bundle will allow us to capture every minute of your wedding from start to end. Full wedding ceremony video coverage lets us capture every moment of your big day. We're experienced in capturing the emotions on your wedding day, and will work with you to ensure that your video is exactly how you want it

How far do you travel and will it cost us extra?

We are more than happy to travel as far as needed to capture your perfect wedding day! There is an additional cost for us to travel. We want to make sure that your wedding film is everything you dreamed it would be, and we're willing to go the extra mile to make that happen. If you have travel needs for shooting your wedding, please contact us for a free consultation so that we can discuss travel expenses and how they may affect your final wedding video cost.

How do you capture audio during the wedding?

We use a combination of wireless lapel mics and an omnidirectional microphone. Omnidirectional microphones pick up sound from any direction and don't require a boom pole. They are typically placed on stands near the bride and groom. Lapel mics are worn by the wedding party and picked up good quality audio. We have a set of traditional microphones as well, in case the wireless audio has problems. We'll never let your wedding day be marred by bad sound.

Elopements and Micro-Wedding Films

Elopements and Micro-Wedding Films

Do you Offer Raw Footage

Yes, however, Videographers regularly charge for the raw footage as they want to discourage the use of this footage in other mediums. It's a licensing issue as well as a brand issue. If someone takes the raw footage and edits it themselves, they can transfer to any medium they want, and if done poorly, this can reflect badly on the videography company that shot the footage. Remember, when purchasing raw footage, you are essentially purchasing the rights to someone else's creative work, so you have to compensate the artist for that transfer of rights.

What are cold spark machines?

Cold spark machines are essentially compact boxes that shoot sparks in the air at about 50 degrees from anywhere between three and eight degrees into the air.

What is the cost?

The cost of cold sparks will depend on a few factors, such as how many machines you want to rent for your event, and whether this is going to be an add-on to one of our videography/DJ packages or a stand-alone rental.

Are they safe? What about indoors?

This is a very common question, and the answer is that cold sparks are non-pyrotechnic machines, meaning that they are not flammable. Because the sparks that shoot up in the air only burn at around 50 degrees, they cannot catch fire, even if you were to hold a piece of paper to it. We’ve personally tested the cold sparks machine to ensure the maximum amount of safety for our customers. Our cold sparks are very safe, but we always come prepared with fire safety equipment for peace of mind.

What are some of your safety procedures?

What are some of your safety procedures?

When are they used?

We like to use the cold sparks for the grand entrance, the end of the first dance, and the sparkler exit. This all depends on the time of day, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor event, and if the venue has certain restrictions.

Do you clean the photo booth props?

Yes, we have our attendant wipe down props after each use. Other safety precautions include providing hand sanitizer for individuals, to ensure a germ-free environment. This is a protocol that we will be focusing on for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Does the photobooth come with attendants?

Every photobooth comes with an attendant who will be present throughout the entire session. They are responsible for showing you how to start the session, do retakes, troubleshoot any problems, and keep the area clean.

How many hours does it start with, and what does it cost?

That depends on the event. For corporate events, we start with 2 hours for $600; for weddings we do 3 hours for $995. We do offer overtime for all packages.

What if we want to add an extra hour or split up the time?

What if we want to add an extra hour or split up the time?

What if the booth stops working?

We always come prepared for this possibility. Our attendant will be there to help at all times, and can troubleshoot if issues do arise. If the printer stops working, we can easily replace it with our backup printer that we bring to every event. We also carry plenty of extra paper and ink. If for some reason the booth is down for an extended amount of time, we will extend the photobooth hours so that you still get every hour that you paid for.