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One thing is for certain: Your wedding ceremony will only happen once. There will be no “take two”. After all the time you spent preparing the perfect ceremony and writing vows, what good is it if your guests can’t hear? We’ve all been to wedding ceremonies that simply could not be heard. While some brides think that microphones can get in the way of how their carefully planned wedding looks, a good sound company will work hard to keep the equipment as low-profile as possible. Most will agree that a microphone isn’t really that distracting — and it is much less distracting than guests who are straining to hear.



  •     30 min of pre-ceremony music
  •     Ceremony Songs
  •     Ceremony microphone(s)
  •     2nd sound system
  •     2 Lapel Mic (Officiate and Groom)
  •     Musician microphone(s)





Short and sweet. This song is for the wedding party as they exit their positions at the podium and walk down the aisle ahead of the bride and groom. Some couples have fun with this song, including all wedding party members to jam down the isle with the couple as they exit the ceremony.

Ceremony Songs


Wedding Party March

Wedding party march starts 15-30 minutes prior to the ceremony. Communicate with your DJ on the style of music you would like for your wedding party - classical,  instrumental, classic love songs, Irish Folk, Bagpipes, etc. Some bride and grooms elect to have their wedding party pick their entrance song as they dance down the aisle towards their elected posts.


The Bridal March Song

The bridal march song is picked out by the bride to walk down the aisle to towards her soon to be husband. Keep in mind this song announces to the wedding guests the bride is entering the venue as they stand and turn to watch the bride walk down the aisle.





By far the best place is in the back (behind the guests) with speakers facing the front. Examples of why this location is best -Eliminates any possibility of the DJ sound system showing up in your pictures. Produces a balanced sound that everyone will be able to hear evenly. Helps prevent microphone feedback, especially when using a lapel style microphone. Enables the officiate to hear not only themselves as they speak, but wedding guests can also hear the officiate. The DJ is less distracting placed in the back behind the guests. Lastly the DJ has the best line of sight for all the events from this position.

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Small setup



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When deciding between a DJ and a live band, take into consideration the venue and reception space size. Also factor in cost. The more surface area to cover, the cost can increase.


A live band can range from $200 to a few thousand dollars. This cost may not include basics like speakers, amps and lighting. Some bands charge per musician in the band, which adds up quickly.


A DJ may cost less but may be able to provide more services. DJs come equipped with speakers, amps, lights and back up equipment if needed.



Wireless devices are the highly requested at weddings  for the sake of convenience and safety. Wireless devices can be strategically placed anywhere and don't require cords.


The common question we hear is “how do you mic the bride and groom"? A Lapel mic is attached to the lapel of the groom enabling the ability to hear both bride and groom during their speeches.


Wedding dresses make attaching mics to difficult. So we elect to use the groom to attach wireless devices to.

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20-60 MIN


ceremony dj


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20-60 MIN



Ceremony musicians may cost anywhere from $200 to $500 a piece. To cut back on cost, first taking a look at what may already be available in your space. Also you want to keep the number of guests to ceremony musicians ratio in mind. A DJ that come with mics and music can help with these coast. Also be mindful of what will sound good amplified. The instruments typically requested for weddings, guitars and string instruments (like violins and cellos) resonate best. When it comes to hiring a DJ it can be hard picking out ceremony music. Here is a link to our on line Music Data.



Wireless is always the best way to go for ceremonies for the sake of convenience and safety both. They can be placed almost anywhere and do not need cords running to them.

A very common question we hear is “how do you mic the bride and groom?. We will put a Lapel mic on the groom that will pick up both their voices.. It’s very difficult to wire the bride with a body pack and lapel microphone and most of the time it ends up not working well at all, so the methods mentioned within this article are about your best and safest options.